Affiliate program

Affiliate Program on

Get 10% from the assignments ordered by the people who you have referred to us. They will also receive a great price reduction on their first assignment.

In order to begin earning bonuses, you need to place an order on our website. After the ordering procedure is completed, you will get a personal account.

If you want to enroll on our referral program, you should share a referral link or a specific promo code with your friends via your email, different messaging systems, or social networks. You will be able to get the referral link or promo code by using your account. Our system will remember the users who have either used your promo code or followed the shared link.

3 Easy Steps to take a part in affiliate programme

Great Chance to Earn Money While Getting Papers Done!

Your friend will be redirected to our order page if he/she click the link or use the discount code which is implemented automatically. In this way, your friend will receive a discount on the first assignment.

You will receive your bonus, i.e. 10% of the order price, in case the assignment has been paid and completed. The earned cash can be either used for paying for your subsequent projects or withdrawn to your bank account via Wire Transfer or PayPal.

To summarize, you just need to share your referral link or promo code with your friends. As soon as they use one of the items, they will get a great discount and you will receive 10% form the orders they place. Do not waste such an opportunity!

Affiliate programme

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