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Persuasive essays are difficult to write and must be very carefully organized. Basically, a student is asked to take a stand on an issue and to support that stand with factual data which often must be researched. In addition, it is important to offer arguments and data which undermine the opposing position. Writing such an essay can be an organizational nightmare, and it is really important the one’s position be posited forcefully and effectively, if a superior grade is to be earned.

Order now has a private database of already written persuasive essays on virtually every controversial topic in any discipline. Further, it has essays on both sides of each issue, all written by superbly qualified academicians who have degrees in the disciplines related to the topic areas.  Whether the topic is abortion, biogenetic engineering, climate change, evolution vs. creationism, capitalism, socialism, progressives vs. conservatives, medical treatments, court decisions, psychological therapies, or anything else, has an original already written persuasive essay on the topic. The method by which we ensure that it will only be available to a single student is this: if a student places an order and is then given access to our database, s/he may select an already written persuasive essay that meets his or he need. Once purchased, the essay is deleted from our system and belongs solely to the purchaser.

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Be careful if you order an already written persuasive essayfrom any other writing service. Many of them are inherently fraudulent, selling the same essay over and over again to students in high schools and colleges all over the English-speaking world. These essays will show up on any plagiarism –detection scan, and the student faces the terrible consequences of this offense.

If you decide to use the services of, understand that we do not stop with offering an already written persuasive essay from our database. If you do not find an appropriate essay that meets your individual needs, you need only complete an order for a customized persuasive essay, providing the specific topic and the position you wish to argue. We will find an exceptional writer for your task, and the essay will be delivered to you as an original work. It will not be placed in our database, nor will it ever be sold to another individual.

You can count on to produce exquisite persuasive essays on any topic. Our writers know how to do this correctly and will produce a thorough and compelling piece for you!

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