Analytical Essays Topics: 45 Great Topic Ideas!

When you are choosing analytical essay topics, do bear in mind that these essays are not just summaries. The structure of this type of essay generally follows the structure of a 5-paragraph essay, which means it has an introductory paragraph, three paragraphs for the main body, and a concluding paragraph.

Literature-Related Topics

  1. Choose a work of literature and analyze the mood of that work.
  2. Choose a poem or book and select a key event from that work for analysis.
  3. Show how the author's poems or books were influenced by his or her background.
  4. Analyze the central character from the poem or book.
  5. Analyze the poem or book in terms of its historical and cultural context.

Movie and Television-Related Topics

  1. Choose a movie and evaluate it according to the novel it is based on.
  2. A lot of Christmas movies have been made but what makes certain ones more moving than others?
  3. Explain how child psychology is influenced by horror films and television programs.
  4. Choose a television series that depicts real-life events and evaluate its merits.
  5. Explore how children's shows can be harmful or helpful.

Nature-Related Topics

  1. Can music be created only by people?
  2. Why are animals used for testing? Can this be avoided?
  3. Explain what allergy is. Why are some living things prone to allergy while others are not?
  4. Are plants and trees in any way conscious?
  5. Cats do not like dogs. True or false?
  6. What causes cats to like boxes?
  7. Some parrots appear to speak. Can they really do this?
  8. Nature is considered very therapeutic? Why is this so?
  9. Are humans helped or harmed by microbes?
  10. What causes dogs to be so loyal?
  11. Why are some animal types easy to train e.g. bears and dogs while other types are not e.g. snakes and chickens?
  12. Why are pets deemed good for children?
  13. Why do ants and bees live in colonies?
  14. Poaching is very common. How can this practice be stopped?
  15. Why attracts butterflies to fires?

People-Related Topics

  1. What causes teenagers to rebel?
  2. What tempts people to drink alcohol and start smoking?
  3. Explore why peoples' tastes differ e.g. different preferences for clothing, music, food, and so on.
  4. People are afflicted by a number of different phobias. Why is this?
  5. During their teenage years, girls are prone to the idolization of male stars. Why is this so?
  6. What causes the appearance of homosexuality in some individuals?
  7. Why are some individuals' extroverts while others are introverts?
  8. In families, the oldest child is often the highest achiever. Why is this?
  9. What causes people to have different hair colors?
  10. Love is one of the most complex emotions in the world. What are its primary causes?

Society-Related Topics

  1. The changing nature of the roles of the genders. Analyze why gender roles are changing. What do you think of the changing roles?
  2. Multiculturalism within families. Can dominance be avoided among cultures?
  3. Multiculturalism within societies. How would you define multi-cultural societies?
  4. The use of drugs in sport.Why do leading sportspeople resort to the use of drugs? Do an analysis of the main reasons.
  5. Communication differences. In what ways do women and men communicate differently?
  6. Graffiti and street art. Explain the current popularity of these forms of art.
  7. Modeling and body sizes. Is the quality of a person's life influenced by body size and, if so, how?
  8. Families with two career parents. Can family life be balanced with the career commitments of both parents?
  9. Music and health. Is it possible for music to have a bearing on health and does it really have any therapeutic benefit?
  10. One-parent families. Is the psychology of a child affected by having just one parent as opposed to two?

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