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Separating the Wheat from the Chaff

It’s an old saying, but continues to be good advice for all consumers! When one is selecting from a variety of options, the first task is to select those that are valuable (the wheat) and to discard those which are useless or a waste (chaff). In the case of selecting a writing service, nothing could be truer!

There are literally hundreds of writing services advertising themselves on the Internet, with tempting prices and promises of superior work quality. The pitfall for many students is that, in seeking an inexpensive and quick solution to a writing need, they contract with an agency that may be based in the home of an individual in a non-English speaking country and that employs the services of non-English speaking writers, whose command of the language is mediocre at best. Because these writers cannot produce academic works in formal English, they rely upon databases of existing works and attempt to cut and paste or “spin” a work that seems similar to the customer’s need. Unfortunately, the client receives an inferior and/or plagiarized piece, and most instructors and professors now have access to detection software that will discover what has been done. The best case is then an “F;” the worst case is expulsion for academic dishonesty.

There are some significant clues that will provide students with the ability to “separate the wheat,” and is happy to list them for you, in order to demonstrate that we have nothing to hide in our professional and ethical writing practices.

  • Use the services based in English-speaking countries.
  • Beware of services that offer a single price per page, no matter what the complexity of the product. Professional services that offer authentic research and original writing will have pricing variances based upon criteria other than simply length
  • Be certain that there are a variety of methods by which you may contact the company, including by telephone. Verify the phone number by calling it and speaking to a real person who is able to discuss a potential order with you.
  • If possible, verify the agency’s incorporation documents. A professional service, run as a professional business, will be incorporated.
  • Carefully study the website content. Is proper and formal English used?;
  • Check the security and hacker-safe logos for authenticity. These can easily be faked, and you want to be certain that your personal and payment information is not at risk.
  • Ask if the service is willing to provide you with a guarantee of originality, backed up by a plagiarism-detection report
  • Be certain that you have methods by which you may communicate with your writer. Services with sound business practices will not only allow this but, in fact, encourage it!

You will find that meets all of the criteria above and then some! As you look to obtaining assistance for your writing needs, choose that company that will not jeopardize your academic future. We offer only original works, sound and authentic research, and professionals who hold degrees, from Bachelor’s through Ph.D.’s in every academic content area. Contact us today, and we will be happy to discuss your writing needs and how we are able to meet them!

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