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Reaction Paper Writing can be Difficult!

Students from high school forward are being asked to engage in reaction paper writing, when many of them have had little to no experience in this type of writing. This type of assignment requires a thorough analysis of a piece of writing (most often, non-fiction) and then responding to the major concepts and/or opinions that are presented. For students without sufficient experience in this type of writing assignment, the task can present major challenges, and many students are not prepared to complete such an assignment successfully.

Teachers and professors love to present controversial writing pieces to students and ask them to respond to such pieces in an analytical manner. While students may have definite opinions and beliefs regarding such issues, preparing well-founded, academically-sound reaction paper writing can be a daunting task.

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The first task of reaction paper writing is the dissection of the piece, in order to identify the major points being made. These must be carefully listed, so that a reaction or response can be made to each specific point.

Next, the student will need to formulate a general response thesis statement to each point. This general response, however, will not be sufficient, because details will be required. Such details often require a thorough research and the inclusion of factual information and/or data in order to reinforce one’s response. This segment of the task is time consuming!

Once the research has been completed, the student will need to prepare an outline for the article critique writing, so that his/her piece will be well organized and coherently presented. Organizing the information into precise and sound sub-topics will be required, and this step can be difficult.

The final step, of course, is to compose the reactive/reflective piece, with a sound thesis statement and a forceful, compelling development. This step, of course, requires a superb use of language, an excellent style, and some creativity in presentation. To obtain a good grade in reaction paper writing, the student will need both a willingness to commit time, an energy to research, development and a strong command of language and presentation methodology.

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