Tips to Write an Essay Like a Pro

Posted date: November 20, 2017 blog/tips-to-write-an-essay-like-a-pro.html

If you ask a seasoned writer how to write like a pro, you would most probably not get a one-way answer. Actually, it’s natural because if you would like to learn how to write like a pro it is not enough to take a piece of paper and a pen and just start writing something. First of all, you need to have a solid practice. Writing is not learn...

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7 Signs of a Bad Roommate Relationship

Posted date: November 17, 2017 blog/7-signs-of-a-bad-roommate-relationship.html

College roommate relationship is supposed to be fun, but unfortunately things not always happen like we desire. So, how to know when your roommate relationships have gone out of the right track? If you’re experiencing some of the seven things mentioned above, you should definitely start thinking about how to fix the situation: ...

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Studying For Finals

Posted date: November 14, 2017 blog/studing-for-finals.html

The end of the year is near and there are so many tasks to accomplish for both students and professors. They have completely different objectives but they are equally important. The only difference between those two camps is experience. If students know hardly anything about the ways to improve their working process, professors, on the contrary,...

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Veterans Day in the United States

Posted date: November 11, 2017 blog/veterans-day-in-the-united-states.html

Veterans Day is usually celebrated on the 11th of November in the US and it signifies the signing of the armistice that put and to the World War I. It’s a way to say a big thank you to Veterans for their sacrifice and services. Observance Military personnel across all the United States, meaning a...

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Spending Time in Nature Can Boost Brain Power

Posted date: November 06, 2017 blog/spending-time-in-nature-can-boost-brain-power.html

What do bad mood, problems with memory and negative thoughts have in common? They can all be healed with one remedy and that remedy isn’t a pill and you don’t even need to see the doctor or pharmacologist to get it. It’s totally free, accessible to all and can treat emotional and mental issues and its name is nature! We’v...

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How to Get Prepared for a Halloween Party on a Budget?

Posted date: October 31, 2017 blog/how-to-get-prepared-for-a-halloween-party-on-a-budget.html

Have you ever wanted to be a host of an outstanding Halloween party but put this venture aside because of the lack of money? Chins up! Our tips on how to throw a great costume bash on a budget will supply you with cool ideas that won't hit your pockets. Save with DIY decorations. The pledge of a successful party is, with...

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Ways to Be a Good Student

Posted date: October 24, 2017 blog/ways-to-be-a-good-student.html

Have you ever thought about the reason why some students succeed in studying and others are always dropping behind the university program? Have you ever wanted to get better grades but didn’t know the ways to improve and become a better student? There are some top study tips with the help of which you will get to know how to be a successfu...

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How to Raise Productivity With Time Management Tips

Posted date: October 19, 2017 blog/how-to-raise-productivity-with-time-management-tips.html

The life of a modern student is full of different events. Young people often combine their studies with sports and work, but some students do not have enough time even for classes in college and their homework after classes because they do not know how to use their time rationally. Here are some tips that will teach you how to manage your time c...

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