Selfies and Coffee: What Scientists Can Tell about Your Personality Judging from Your Habits

Posted date: February 20, 2018 blog/what-scientists-can-tell-about-your-personality-judging-from-your-habits.html

Researchers have found out that the small and seemingly unimportant choices you make every day can reveal what is your true character. In particular, they mention seven surprising things you do on a daily basis which can serve as a true personality test. So, if you’ve ever asked yourself “What type of personality do I have?”, t...

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Why I Hate Valentine's Day?

Posted date: February 13, 2018 blog/why-i-hate-valentines.html

We are living in the commerce-driven world, so our major holidays have turned into the decorated booth. People are so focused on knick-knackery that they forget the authentic meaning of the holiday. All those sweet couples with teddy bears, heart-shaped candies and love posts all over Instagram/Snapchat/Tumblr make me sick. And before you begin ...

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Level Up Your Energy ("The Happiness Project Part II")

Posted date: February 06, 2018 blog/level-up-your-energy.html

This is our next article, the second one in “The Happiness Project” we began last month. One of the main things people often wish each other is good health, and everyone can agree that it is extremely hard to feel happy if you’re sick. So, if one of your priorities is your health, you understand the need to take care of yoursel...

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Why Should Every College Student Be Active on LinkedIn?

Posted date: January 30, 2018 blog/student-on-linkedin.html

Are you responsible when it comes to yourLinkedIn profile as a college student? According to LinkedIn's Career Expert, Nicole Williams, employers are looking for recent graduates, and being active on LinkedIn you passively the same way become a potential candidate. If you still underestimate for some reason the value of social pr...

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The Happiness Project

Posted date: January 23, 2018 blog/the-happiness-project.html

Have you ever thought what makes holiday season (both Christmas and New Year) so charming yet so deceptive and disappointing? I had this question in mind for over 5 years and now I have an answer: New Year resolutions! You read all those books about happiness, write down unrealistic goals, and fail somewhere between mid-January till mid-March. T...

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Study Advice for Different Learners Types

Posted date: January 16, 2018 blog/study-advice-for-different-learners-types.html

Let me begin with a little definition of what a learning type is. Generally speaking, it is the way, through which your brain most successfully comprehends information. There are 4 main types of learning and acquiring information, and today I’d like to give some profound advice on how each learner form can study and prepar...

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Unforgettable Winter Break Ideas

Posted date: January 09, 2018

Winter is a marvelous time of the year, especially if you’re lucky to live in a state with the finest snowy weather during this season. Even if you dislike cold weather, you’ll benefit from the holiday season anyway. It’s a marvelous opportunity to have a rest from college life and all those sophisticated assignments you had to...

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Christmas Present Ideas for Your Dad

Posted date: December 29, 2017 blog/christmas-present-ideas-for-your-dad.html

Giving Christmas presents is absolutely exciting, but coming up with the ideas of what to buy is quite a challenge. For some reason, it’s even more difficult to decide what to buy for your favorite people. So if you are still wondering what to get your dad, here is a list of books he will probably like. That’s right – a book, t...

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