2017 TV preview: The Best Shows

Posted date: July 18, 2017 blog/2017-TV-preview-the-best-shows.html

2017 is a great year in terms of TV shows! And what’s even better the hottest part of the year is yet to come – and I’m not just talking about the weather, but more about what you will see on the screen very soon. The Game of Thrones, the glorious comeback of Twin Peaks and a lot of new highly anticipated shows will grab your a...

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5 Nutrition Tips during Summer

Posted date: July 14, 2017 blog/5-nutrition-tips-during-summer.html

Staying healthy with your food in summer is a tall order since you always have such temptations as BBQs, beach parties and picnics with your family. You obviously wouldn’t want to miss out on these events since they always include a lot of fun. However, what you’d like to skip is the non-healthy food and drinks. Here’s how you ...

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Useful Tips for Staying Motivated at Work (While You Desperately Want to Hang out Outside)

Posted date: July 11, 2017 blog/useful-tips-for-staying-motivated-at-work.html

If only you could rub Aladdin’s lamp and ask the genie for a wish, you would certainly ask for some motivation, especially during warm and sunny summer. This positive summer atmosphere is really not made for you to work or attain your goals. Every morning you wake up, hear the birds singing and feel the nature’s bloom. Therefore, it ...

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Tips for Writing Better Essays

Posted date: July 07, 2017 blog/tips-for-writing-better-essays.html

The main peculiarity of an essay is that it is a non-fictitious type of writing regarding some particular topic. This assignment is one of the most frequent at school or university, so I am sure that you’ve already been given such a task several times. Actually, there are many forms of essays. The main feature of a narrative essay is that ...

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The History of Independence Day in the USA

Posted date: July 04, 2017 blog/the-history-of-independence-day-in-the-USA.html

On the 4th of July, 1776, the thirteen colonies became independent from England. Because of this event, the United States were formed. Americans observe the 4th of July as a celebration of this historic event. This holiday is also called Independence Day. The c...

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Developing Professional Strategy through Effective Use of Social Media

Posted date: June 30, 2017 blog/developing-professional-strategy-through-effective-use-of-social-media.html

There were times when we used social media to kill time, chat with friends and check newsfeed. Nowadays, everything has changed! Today, we are able to use social media platforms for our professional benefit. It is now possible to build our professional network through different online training courses and enhance professional ...

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Where to Find the Best Foods to Try?

Posted date: June 27, 2017 blog/where-to-find-the-best-foods-to-try.html

One of the most wide world popular apps - Instagram - has become a breeding ground for sharing pastime and all kinds of experience. Posting various pictures has become an integral part of the young generation, and mouth-watering food photos, which occupy a really important place in the cyber world, definitely arouse a desire to taste something s...

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Summer Reading List: Books Recommended by TED Speakers

Posted date: June 23, 2017 blog/summer-reading-list:-books-recommended-by-TED-speakers.html

Summer is days away, and it’s time to pick out this years’ beach reads. For those of us who want to relax and spend time on relevant literature, here is a list of books that come personally recommended by speakers invited to TED conferenc...

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