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Why Using a Blog Writing Service Could Come in Handy

Posted date: November 23, 2018 blog/advantages-of-a-blog-article-writing-service.html

Nowadays social networks have become a part of business and blogging is already a powerful marketing tool. The right strategy could be potentially profitable for buying and selling in the net.However, it isn’t that easy as it may look like. A cool picture and a few lines under it or a good quality short video require great effort and...

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What Is a Review Article

Posted date: November 23, 2018 blog/what-is-an-article-review.html

How do you think, what is a review article? Frankly speaking, it is considered to be a type of professional paper writing. What is more, it requires that a writer has a high level of in-depth analysis, as well as a relevant presentation of arguments. As a matter of fact, your main task is to review the topic, summarize everything, and present yo...

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Tips on How to Complete Comprehensive and Informative Critique Article

Posted date: November 23, 2018 blog/whats-an-article-critique-and-how-to-write-it.html

What Is a Critique? Before getting to compose a paper itself, you should answer the question “what is critique.” We’ll start with clarifying the key points of the mentioned type of writing. A critique article is the one that aims at evaluating and giving feedback on a certain piece of work, a film, or a book. The cont...

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7 Steps to Prepare for Post-Grad Life Successfully

Posted date: August 14, 2018 blog/7-steps-to-prepare-for-post-grad-life-successfully.html

Imagining the end of your undergraduate life can scare you out of your wits. What will you do when your school days end, especially if you do not graduate school afterward? Keep reading to find out 7 things you should take care of now to assure a successful post grad life. 1. Get attuned to living outside of your comfort zone W...

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What to Choose: College Online or In-Person

Posted date: August 07, 2018 blog/what-to-choose-college-online-or-in-person.html

I would like to share with you some things about me which you definitely had no idea of: after my graduation from high school, I also studied in college. I gladly left my parents’ rustic ranch in New Jersey and settled in the dorm of the Temple University’s college campus. To tell you the truth, my college experience in Philadelphia ...

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15 Engrossing Netflix TV Series

Posted date: July 17, 2018 blog/15-engrossing-netflix-tv-series.html

Netflix is a true gem when it comes to qualitative content to beguile your leisure time. It offers myriads of series to opt for, but there are also tons of boring stuff to steer clear of. The guide you are reading now is updated regularly to help you discover the most interesting series to watch. What’s more, we try to choose less obvious ...

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How to Stay Safe in College

Posted date: July 10, 2018 blog/how-to-stay-safe-in-college.html

College space is a unique environment that comes with its pros and cons. On the one hand, it gives you an opportunity to socialize with numerous people and provides you with easy accessibility to whatever you might need in your college years. On the other hand, with such a big number of young people united in one place, there is always the quest...

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Be Serious About Summer Games: or how having fun in summer can improve your overall happiness level

Posted date: June 26, 2018 blog/be-serious-about-summer-games.html

One of the things college students rarely think of is the fact that college is virtually their last chance to enjoy summertime. After a complicated year, we all barely survived, let’s plan you a great summer even if you have little money or time to spend on the fun! Summer bucket list ’18 One of the things that help...

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