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9 Tips on Writing a High Quality Term Paperv

Posted date: June 19, 2018 blog/tips-on-writing-term-paper.html

Have you ever wondered why you received ‘6’ for your term paper, while your classmate managed to get ‘9’ or even ‘10’? In fact, most students follow the basic rules when writing their term papers. However, some students take into account even the smallest details, which allows them to get from ‘7’ ...

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Compose the Research Proposal Your Professor will Undoubtedly Love

Posted date: June 12, 2018 blog/compose-the-research-proposal-your-professor-will-undoubtedly-love.html

During the semester, most professors tend to assign the task of composing a research paper proposal to their students. Even if you do not have to submit a research proposal, it is necessary to compose one anyway. You may be interested to know why students should write this type of research paper. First, a research paper proposal enables you to c...

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How to Choose a College Major

Posted date: May 22, 2018 blog/how-to-choose-a-college-major.html

Choosing a major in college is a serious and responsible step in the life of each student. In order to make the right decision, you need to decide what exactly is interesting for you. Many people live their lives without even realizing what they want to do. They go to hateful work, do hateful ...

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12 Recently Discovered Facts about Admissions Process

Posted date: May 08, 2018 blog/12-recently-discovered-facts-about-admissions-process.html

The admissions process in most of the American colleges got out of hand as more and more heartbroken applicants bash the system either on social media or in public. Just ask any educational specialist or high school counselor, and they are likely to unwillingly admit that the selection system is flawed. What is more, they will say that creative ...

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How to Get the Most out of Using Instagram

Posted date: April 24, 2018 blog/get-the-most-of-using-instagram.html

In September 2017, Instagram reached the mark of 800 million users, which made it one of the most important internet platforms and the most popular photo and video sharing app. Among these 800 million, you’ll find people who do it just for fun, people who earn a fortune from it and people who use it to promote their business. For the latte...

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Personal Happiness and Academic Career

Posted date: April 17, 2018 blog/personal-happiness-and-academic-career.html

Many students struggle with the educational process, feel stressed and depressed because they not only fail to plan their everyday studying but also cannot see the general purpose of the educational process. So today, following our Happiness Project, we are going to talk about academic career, planning, and happiness. Why Bother Plannin...

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Need More Original Essays? Let Us Tell You How!

Posted date: April 10, 2018 blog/need-more-original-essays.html

Submitting an original essay is a dream of every student. And while there are tons of essay writing tips telling you their ways to write better essays; it is the originality they all lack. Usually, your professors have been teaching for what, 10, 15 or 20 years, so that have seen thousands of submitted essays. So if you really want to impress th...

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How to Write Better Essays

Posted date: April 03, 2018 blog/how-to-write-better-essays.html

Each student needs to master the art of essay writing. Being able to create good texts, you will be successful at university or college. No matter what science you are studying, you are constantly asked to write different papers. Therefore, you need to learn a few rules for writing good texts. How to Write an Essay Properly ...

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