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Living Away From Home: Advantages and Disadvantages


More and more people are wishing to go abroad today, but what advantages and disadvantages await them there? Let’s start with positive things. First of all, it’s freedom. We have much more freedom than we used to have at home. We are not under surveillance anymore and pretty much we can do whatever we want. Partying, drinking and tra...

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How to Study Smart, Not Hard


Many students encounter a dilemma of having enough time for studies and for party making. As a matter of fact, such a miracle is possible, when you study smart. And we know what it means! Get Your Time Managed Organize your time in an effective way and make short breaks. You need to switch from one activity ...

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The Simplest Way to Write an Essay


Following the hints provided below is the easiest way to write an essay. Those prompts represent the major steps that are usually taken when producing papers. Before starting the writing process, you should know that such things as detailed planning, time management, and total concentration on the topic ...

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How to Write the WPE Essay Properly


Have you ever thought that there are some tips that might help you improve your writing skills and make your papers stand out among others? You are definitely lucky, because here are several best pieces of advice on how to write quality academic papers. Best Ways to Improve Your Writing Do not use long d...

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