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Apr 11, 2020 | 18 Minutes

What Is a Business Essay?

Students from all over the world who study subjects that are related to the business sphere (such as trade, the marketplace, all kinds of advertising, banking, insurance, and management) from time to time have to write different essays, such as MBA essays or personal goals essays. To create them in a correct, logical, and sequential way they should fully, in detail understand what type of document it is. The first thing needed in such a case is to define what is a business essay.

Best Topics for Business Essay

In general, it is an article that belongs to the journalistic style that requires interpreting comprehensively any commercial topic or a particular case, which a student has to describe, explain and offer his or her own solution in the end. A business essay should present some solid and thoughtful material. The student’s personal thoughts, ideas, and arguments must be supported by facts, references, and examples from trusted sources. Let us find out more how to achieve this step by step.

In the 21st century, this matter has two main points of view. On one hand, a good business plan essay has to analyze the nature of the business. On the other hand, this type of document should be devoted to the illustration of a business scheme or plan. Whichever business topic you decide to cover in your written work, you should follow a certain strategy that will guarantee the best results.

What Is a Business Essay Purpose?


Business writing style and methods are quite different from others, so firstly let us define what is a business essay purpose? In the beginning, you should collect all necessary and relevant data from all possible sources, analyzing it according to the thesis statement or research problem. You should also present truthful arguments, evidence, or refutation regarding the central question.

Undoubtedly, you can also bring the opinions of other people on the topic, as well as your own reasonable ideas. However, the reality is different. Your business essay should stay in business style, even if you are given the task of composing a “why I want to study a business essay?”

Before starting to write your business essay, it is very helpful to divide it into several little parts. Determine exactly what your essay focuses on, gather all the information in front of you and arrange it in a structured way. Only then you will be able to create a well-structured work.

Business Essay Guidelines


Here is a short and clear list of business essay guidelines to assist you in creating the right type of document:

  • Analyze the object. It will assist with the determination of the theme and contouring the essay.
  • Despite the scale of the theme, find out:
  1. The object (common area of research.
  2. Restrictive words.
  3. Keywords (lead your actions).
  • Create a plan.
  • Contour the scheme.
  • Create a few promising compositions for introducing the central figure of your business essay. Then, select the best one and follow it.
  • Design the overall structure of the writing first, and then break it into several sections.
  • Create a detailed plan, underlining the main words for each part of your work.
  • Create the first rough copy of the business essay.
  • Provide an evaluation of the information you have collected.

You should provide evidence to support your arguments with the help of specific examples. Different opinions that confirm and refute the main idea of the essay should be also introduced. All parts of the essay should smoothly change one another, and all thoughts should be logically connected.

  • Attentively check for semantic and grammatical errors.

Business Essay Writing Prompts

Business essay writing prompts below are a collection of information about how to write this type of paper better. It includes tips, nuances, and general recommendations.

How to Write a Business Essay Introduction

“What?”, “How?”, and “Why?” are the driving forces that should lead your writing. If you do not fully understand the meaning of your business essay, then your readers will not understand what it is about, and no effect will be achieved in the end. The first part – comes not long, but still, a substantial introduction, where you need to identify a key idea or problem that you will talk about in the main part and offer your own solution. It requires to be done clearly to avoid low-quality paragraphs and, as a result, to an unqualified and vague conclusion.

The primary goal of the introduction is to attract and catch the attention of the reader. To perform it, you need to arouse his/her interest, make the person start reading your article. Best of all, if it in the form of some short laconic finished statement (it can be a quote, folk wisdom).

Let us go deeper inside how to complete the essay step by step. In the beginning, you have to resolve for yourself whether your final work will look more as supervision or scientific article. You have to choose the scheme that is closer to you. Also, remember that there is a need to select a proper type of language according to your style. In addition, it is the right place to append stories that convey individual impressions and thoughts from your private life to make the writing more amusing.

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How to Write the Main Body of a Business Essay

All the following paragraphs should be devoted to the development of the main question of the essay, including all collected statistics, graphical researches, digital data, and other supporting facts. It is very important to use particular terms that are appropriate to the meaning and style of this essay. You are supposed to present arguments, evidence of your main idea, which you selected on this issue to make it more reliable and trusted. Then you should also list the sources of information that you used in creating the work and introduce the particular analysis.

Do not forget to add professional points of view of dramatically different specialists in this field to develop this issue. On the contrary, you can feel free to express your point of view on the problem that should be the final result of the essay. This work should characterize you, your perception, your worldview, your knowledge, and your potential. There is no goal to get an award for this essay, you just have to be unique and unrepeatable.

All direct and indirect quotes that are used in your work should be formatted correctly following the original. The number of links should be enough depending on the size of your essay.

How to Write a Business Essay Conclusion

In order to learn how to make a proper closure for this sort of paper, you may consider finding a 500-word essay example about business online and looking at how such work is finished by an expert writer. As a rule, the last section of the paper summarizes the key ideas and mentions the thesis statement or hypothesis again, showing how it turned out in the context of the study. No new facts or ideas are acceptable in the closing part, as it does not suggest any new discussions. In addition, it should contain directions for further studies, as other scholars may want to continue researching your topic.

Business Essay Format


In order to ensure the highest quality of your paper, you need to be familiar with the business essay format standards. Here are the basic elements that your essay should contain:


It presents a thesis statement and explains the issues that the paper wants to prove or find out.

Literature Review

Here, all the related sources on the topic are listed and discussed briefly, explaining how each article or book contributed to the study.

Methodology Section

Here, the author shows which tools and methods were used to carry out this research.


Here, the results of the research are interpreted and discussed in the context of the topic.


This part summarizes the key points and provides perspective for further studies.

  • Block Format

Depending on the specific requirements of your institution and your teacher, you may need to use various formats for your paper, and a random marketing essay can be very different from an HBS essay or a Harvard business school application. However, one of the most common ways of text organization is the one where the paragraphs are not intended and separated one from another with additional spacing. Such an approach divides the text into blocks and makes it easy to navigate through the paper.

  • Font

The typical font used in most cases, including Stanford GSB essays, is The Times New Roman, 12. It is advisory to highlight headings and section titles with the font in bold.

  • Style

The main rule of any written task of this sort is keeping its language formal, be it a leadership essay for college, a career goals essay, or a management essay for a class at University. Thus, watch your tone and use a more passive voice to make your writing more formal.

International Business Essay Topics


If you need to pick one of international business essay topics for your work, consider choosing from the list below:

  1. Singapore – the new capital of startups.
  2. The influence of global pandemic on the world’s business relationships.
  3. Small and big companies: who will survive in the conditions of the world crisis?
  4. Strategies for scaling one’s business to an international level.
  5. Managing an international team: how it works.
  6. International franchises: pros and cons.
  7. Remote customer support as a part of global business.
  8. Learning languages as a facilitating tool in international entrepreneurship.
  9. Double citizenship as a condition for successful business management in different countries.
  10. Continuing learning: global education for entrepreneurs.
  11. The new tendencies of business: what to expect in 2020.
  12. Branding: the points to consider when fostering an international brand.
  13. Globalization and its impact on business trends.
  14. Digital business: the challenges that entrepreneurs face.
  15. Freelancing as the new format of business management.
  16. Challenges of Internet marketing.
  17. International mindset: what it takes to expand a business.
  18. Theories of customer analysis in the context of international trading.
  19. Intercultural exchange as a benefit for global companies.
  20. Corporate culture in the XXI century.
  21. Internationalization of companies as an essential part of the business’s growth.
  22. Contextual intelligence as a key factor in international trading.
  23. Burgeoning trade and its consequences for small businesses.
  24. Latin America as a new player in eCommerce.
  25. Chinese economy after the pandemic and its influence on the world’s market.
  26. Blockchain as a facilitator of new business approaches.
  27. New global trends and startup ideas.
  28. 2B2 entrepreneurship on the International level.
  29. Western vs. Eastern approach to business management.
  1. Cultural factors in export.
  2. Trademark protection in global businesses.
  3. Translation of documents as a significant part of international business.
  4. Startups for the Indian market.
  5. International shipping: challenges and solutions.
  6. Time zone issue in international businesses.
  7. Manufacturers abroad: building important relationships.
  8. International trade rules: what you can, what you cannot.
  9. How to become a player in the global marketplace.
  10. Global franchise: how to manage one.
  11. Finding the right distributor abroad.
  12. Offshoring: Is it necessary?
  13. Improving exporting schemes.
  14. Successful startup examples: from local to global.
  15. Managing various currencies successfully.
  16. Cargo insurance: how it should be handled.
  17. The role of immigrant businessmen for the national economy.
  18. Online shopping: how to expand it to the global level.
  19. Emerging markets: what is new in the sphere of international business?
  20. Taking part in international conferences as a part of the extension plan.
  21. The secrets of managing multiple offices on different continents.
  22. Best applications for international business’ owners.
  23. Corruption as a significant factor for international trading.
  24. Managing businesses in developing countries.
  25. Considering the laws of other countries when expanding your business there.
  26. The connection between the company’s productivity and the length of the working day.
  27. The signs of a company’s readiness to go global.
  28. Quality of life and its impact on business success.
  29. Where is it best to launch your startup?
  30. The pillars of international networking.
  31. Localization as a condition for effective international trading.
  32. What you need to know in order to make international partners.
  33. Innovative solutions for international businesses.
  34. Best translation software for businesses.

Business Ethics Essay Topics


The following business ethics essay topics can inspire you for a creative and productive session of writing:

  1. The main ethical principles to follow in every business.
  2. The role of ethics on effective leadership.
  3. Ethical approach as facilitation of stability within the company.
  4. Behavior code for employees and its impact on the company’s productivity.
  5. The portrait of an ethical leader.
  6. Conflict of interests among different members of the team as a facilitator of a wider perception of the company’s mission.
  7. Can non-economic values affect the company’s profit?
  8. Protection of intellectual property as an obligatory factor in sustainable businesses.
  9. Social responsibility as a key factor in employees’ efficiency.
  10. Laws and regulations that facilitate business ethics.
  11. Industrial espionage and its consequences.
  12. The importance of ethical standards for the company’s expansion.
  13. Psychopathic tendencies in the professional environment.
  14. Healthy workplace atmosphere as a key factor for team productivity.
  15. Healthy competition vs. fierce confrontation at work.
  16. Why employees engage in unethical behavior in the team?
  17. A company’s responsibility for the staff’s wellbeing.
  18. Obeying the rules blindly vs. critical thinking: which is better for the company?
  19. Ethical dilemmas in corporations.
  20. Plagiarism prevention as a condition for honest marketing.
  21. Loyalty is a key quality of the company’s ethics.
  22. Ethical principles of a fair leader.
  23. The role of common moral values for the team’s determination.
  1. How to achieve integrity within a company.
  2. Compliance with ethical norms: how to promote it at work.
  3. Ethics code of a particular business.
  4. How to encourage social responsibility among employees.
  5. Conflict of values among members of the team and their resolution.
  6. Sustainability as an obligatory condition for success.
  7. Importance of ethical attitude at work.
  8. New ethical principles in the new world.
  9. Whistleblowing as an ethical issue.
  10. Ethics vs. Profit: what should be sacrificed?
  11. Human rights as a foundation of corporate responsibility.
  12. Customer value as a key factor for profit.
  13. The toxic atmosphere at the workplace: how to prevent it.
  14. Sustainable business management.
  15. Individual discretion of workers.
  16. Fostering personal values of every employee.
  17. Social entrepreneurship: The main principles.
  18. Sustaining social responsibility within a firm.
  19. Do ethical values come from inside? Can they be enforced?
  20. Caring entrepreneurship as a basis for sustainable business.
  21. The European perspective of business ethics.
  22. Ethical decision making in a crisis.
  23. How the recent events in the world affect the ethical values in businesses.
  24. Why is the code of professional conduct important for team operation?
  25. Separatist views on professional ethics.
  26. Is professionalism possible without ethical behavior?

Business Management Essay Topics


Choose one of the business management essay topics given below in order to compose an excellent piece of writing for your class.

  1. Basic qualities of an effective executive.
  2. Can business school prepare you to be a leader?
  3. Is executive education effective for future managers?
  4. Reengineering as a creative process.
  5. Process architecture is the foundation of successful enterprises.
  6. How to plan organization development.
  7. Theory of constraints and their perspective on management.
  8. Choosing a business model.
  9. Importance of the company’s mission.
  10. What it takes to be a leader.
  11. Goal setting and its role in the company’s growth.
  12. Is successful management possible without business analysis?
  13. Human resources as a key element in business management.
  14. The role of information technology for successful management.
  15. Linear vs. nonlinear management models.
  16. The basics of risk management.
  17. Handling conflicts as a part of management work.
  18. Top qualities of a good financial manager.
  19. Is the MBA a guarantee of the leader’s effectiveness?
  20. Building a business strategy for a particular company.
  21. The qualities of a good boss.
  22. Effective strategy execution.
  23. Can you invest and manage at the same time?
  24. Signs of poor management.

Business Law Essay Topics


These business law essay topics can serve as a foundation for one of your future essays:

  1. The typical issues with contract employment.
  2. Social media posts and their legal value.
  3. The significance of detailed Terms and Conditions on a website.
  4. The legal framework of cryptocurrency in business.
  5. How to fund a startup correctly.
  6. Pros and cons of profit-sharing between companies.
  7. What is an easement agreement and how it works?
  8. Legal liabilities of charitable organizations.
  9. The legal value of oral contracts.
  10. Applying convertible notes for businesses.
  11. The best insurance strategies for internet companies.
  12. How to get a business license.
  13. Demanding equal pay at work.
  14. Malpractice insurances for different businesses.
  15. Legal support of online payment companies.
  16. How to make a valid business transaction.
  17. Business fraud and available precautions.
  18. The issue of websites’ privacy.
  19. Declaring bankruptcy correctly.
  20. Choosing insurance for your firm.
  21. Forensic accountant: who needs this vacancy?
  22. NDAs for small firms.
  23. Defining features of irrevocable contracts.
  24. Peculiarities of taxing for different businesses.
  25. Legal grounds of refusing service for clients.
  26. Sexual harassment at work.
  27. Vacation pays in different spheres.
  28. Working with independent contractors.
  29. Conditions for paternity leaves.
  30. The limits of employee’s freedoms at work: what can have you fired.
  1. Minimum wage and salary calculation.
  2. Insurance for accidents in the workplace.
  3. The rules of a politically correct job interview.
  4. Renting a property for enterprises.
  5. The legal framework for selling a business.
  6. The value of a promissory note.
  7. The issue of privacy in the workplace.
  8. Working overtime: rules and laws.
  9. Hiring people with disabilities.
  10. Legal issues in the sphere of healthcare businesses.
  11. Ensuring equal employment.
  12. Dealing with wrongful termination claims.
  13. The role of the attorney in internet marketing.
  14. The meaning of non-compete agreements.
  15. The rules for extending employment contracts.
  16. The significance of non-disclosure agreements for small firms.
  17. Business mediation as a conflict solving tool.
  18. Taking a loan for small business: risks and opportunities.
  19. The liabilities of homemade food selling.
  20. Protecting the business overseas.
  21. European contract law for businesses.
  22. The rules of real estate purchasing for business in the USA.
  23. Conditions for signing a corporate lease.
  24. Using copyright to protect your materials.
  25. Composing a proper construction contract.
  26. Legal issues in the food sector.
  27. Revising the statute of frauds.
  28. Making a shareholders’ agreement.
  29. Preparing a commercial lease agreement correctly.
  30. Business agreements between members of a family.
  31. The rules of filing for a patent.
  32. Fostering a home-based business legally.
  33. Legal issues in the sphere of education.
  34. Preventing fraud in business contracts.
  35. Insurance against forgery.
  36. Unilateral mistakes in a contract.
  37. The meaning of no-poach agreements.
  38. Void vs. voidable contracts.
  39. Ending a contract before its expiration.
  40. Ensuring cyber security for online trading.

Argumentative Business Essay Topics


These argumentative business essay topics are perfect for decent papers in college and university:

  1. Decent payment is the best motivation for the employees’ personal performance.
  2. The element of competition is irreplaceable for successful teamwork.
  3. Leadership is a natural ability, not an acquired quality.
  4. Social media marketing strategies are often unethical.
  5. Every business model will have to transform after the coronavirus pandemic.
  6. Innovative thinking is the foundation of leadership.
  7. The office layout can determine the team’s dynamic.
  8. Investing in design is crucial for brand fostering.
  9. Bankruptcy advisors are more and more necessary for modern companies.
  10. The best business ideas come out of problems.
  11. Small businesses will not survive in the next 30 years.
  12. No business is possible without digitalization.
  13. Philanthropy is the key condition for optimal business philosophy.
  14. Behavior codes are obligatory for company representatives.
  15. Farming is the most promising field of business today.
  16. Luxury brands will become extinct in the nearest century.
  17. Online businesses will take over the world.
  18. Spirituality is becoming the new obligatory feature for successful businesses.
  19. Motivating employees is the best investment.
  20. The company’s legal status impacts the customer’s value.
  21. Quitting a job decently is essential for one’s further career.
  22. The great workplace can outweigh poor salary.
  23. Social networking is irreplaceable for effective trading.
  24. Online companies face fewer risks and have more profit.
  25. Flexibility is a must for modern companies.
  26. Your website is your business’ face.
  27. Diversity at work ensures a more complex approach to problem-solving.
  28. Following the customers’ needs is more important than following business tendencies.
  29. Small business owners are different from corporate leaders.
  30. Relations with customers are as important as the quality of the product.
  31. Employee retention is worth more attention than employee hiring.
  32. Crisis management specialists are not necessary for modern firms.
  33. The best startup is the one that you personally find helpful.
  34. Expertise is the most valuable resource for any business.
  35. Human resources are more significant than financial resources.
  36. Passion can make a business go global.
  37. An influencer is the most profitable profession of XXI century.
  1. Personal meetings are essential for the effective work of every company.
  2. The corporate philosophy is crucial for customer trust.
  3. Knowing market trends is essential for business strategies designing.
  4. Social media is the best marketplace today.
  5. Distracting factors at work lower team productivity.
  6. CRS is essential for partnership fostering.
  7. A better workplace ensures a higher dedication to employees.
  8. Bookkeeper’s audition: pros and cons.
  9. A good leader is always impartial.
  10. Websites are being replaced with applications.
  11. Monitoring software is compulsory for keeping track of employees’ activities.
  12. Entrepreneurship will never work without creativity.
  13. Teamwork should be based on sharing true emotions.
  14. Adaptation is the key quality of a successful worker.
  15. No business is possible without a website today.
  16. Inclusive employment facilitates better results for a team.
  17. The office environment is decisive for team productivity.
  18. Improving capital management is the smartest tactic for the firm’s productivity.
  19. Skills gaps affect the profitability of most businesses.
  20. Stress management is an essential part of business management.
  21. Targeting is the most important part of business strategy designing.
  22. Driving social change enhances customer trust.
  23. People who manage their personal interests well are better employees.
  24. Video interviews give wrong impressions.
  25. Social media profiles should be considered at interviews.
  26. Language learning is essential for becoming a valuable worker.
  27. Encouraging employees to take an active part in the company’s policy formation is beneficial for the business.
  28. Resilience is the quality that will keep your company afloat during the crisis.
  29. The toxic environment at work will always lead to poor results.
  30. Job satisfaction is directly correlated with the employee’s performance.
  31. Consumer behavior can and should be controlled.
  32. SIP trunking is necessary for better results.
  33. Microfinancing is the key factor for any business’ profitability.

Persuasive Essay Topics on Business


In case you need some persuasive essay topics on business, try choosing from the ones suggested below:

  1. Freelancing is more profitable than office work.
  2. Building up the proper leader’s image is beneficial for the company’s productivity.
  3. Customer support is a key factor in customer retention.
  4. Green companies have more chances to survive in crises.
  5. Reputation management is crucial for every company’s success.
  6. The social integration of new workers should be a part of every company’s policy.
  7. Writing a business plan should only be made by experienced business leaders.
  8. Team building is essential for better results for every department.
  9. Competition at work has more negative consequences than working towards one goal together.
  10. Call center outsourcing does not always work well.
  11. Critical thinking is the foundation of any employee’s effectiveness.
  12. Facilitating team communication is crucial for more effective work schemes.
  13. Freelancers should be taxed just like regular employees.
  14. E-commerce is essential for small businesses today.
  15. Business consultants are becoming more and more needed for large companies.
  16. Custom software ordering is a part of business digitalization.
  17. Social media profiles are compulsory for every business owner.
  18. Text messages as a tool for marketing campaigns do not work anymore.
  19. Less is more: too much advertisement can affect the profit more than a bad reputation.
  20. Diversity and inclusion are decisive for every company’s success.
  21. Teaching and training new employees are more beneficial than hiring experienced professionals.
  22. Cloud storage of information is not always the best option.
  23. Emotional intelligence is more significant for employees than intellectual intelligence.
  24. Recruitment strategy choosing is decisive for the qualitative ratio of the team.
  25. Corporate ethics directly impacts the company’s global image.
  1. A good manager never has conversations about the personal lives of his or her employees.
  2. Flexibility is the key condition for top talent retention.
  3. Video surveillance at work enhances better results and higher standards of business ethics.
  4. Data protection is an irreplaceable element of every big scale company today.
  5. Making a profit and loss statement is crucial for maintaining an objective view of the company’s work.
  6. Virtual phone lines with freelancers can replace office customer support representatives.
  7. PR outsourcing is beneficial for large companies.
  8. The personal respect for the leader is essential for the team’s performance.
  9. Voicing your expectations to employees encourages a more responsible attitude and greater dedication at work.
  10. Financial security is a driving force for professional growth and personal dedication.
  11. Positive attitude and resilience are more valuable for a team than professional expertise.
  12. Empathy is the new top quality for team members.
  13. The ability to constantly learn and acquire new skills is the only condition needed for a successful career.
  14. Taking a clear political position can be beneficial for your brand.
  15. The notion of success has changed rapidly over the past 30 years.
  16. The use of the BCG matrix can improve a company’s performance considerably.
  17. The minimum wage determines the profit of every business.
  18. Independent contractors can bring fresh solutions to your business.
  19. Preventing cyber-attacks should be a part of every company’s strategy.
  20. With the growing technologization of every sphere, human resources are becoming even more valuable.
  21. Ensuring network security should be the number one priority for online businesses.
  22. Studying in college is not obligatory for successful businesses.
  23. Integrating smartphones with PCs can facilitate more productive work.

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