Correlation Between Love and Personal Happiness (The Happiness Project: part III)

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Mar 06, 2018 | 4 Minutes

There are so many books about love as the defining your personal happiness, that you could be burning them down for a year and still get some paperbacks left. So following our journey in personal happiness, we are talking about the 3rd month and how can love improve your happiness, what makes you feel loved, and how can your self-love improve the happiness level. Today we are going to talk about self-acceptance, healthy dating, and future spouses.

Love and Personal Happiness


You may know that people who have low self-esteem generally are less happy than those who share similar life circumstances, however, have normal or higher self-esteem. So one of the first rules, you have to remember is that you have to love yourself first. We are not talking about pampering yourself or considering yourself to be the king/queen of the world, rather accepting yourself for who you are. Self-love is about understanding your strength and weaknesses, as well as your needs and things that make you happy.

I like the exercises my therapist recommended me a while back: sit down and write 10 things that make you happy or things that trigger your happiness growth if you do them. This is not simply things that you are good at, not. You need something extremely rewarding and pleasing, and trust me, having 10 things on your list is not an easy task. You will be able to download similar pdf at the bottom of this page.

Present Relationships

If you are in relationships (on any of its stages), you may experience different emotions. However, there are two important questions you should consider: whether you are in healthy, non-abusive-relationships and if the person you are with is right for you.

3 Features of Long-lasting and Healthy Relationships

Every relationship begins with the similar scenario, where two people are falling in love and getting to know each other. It is the perfect time for you to get to know the other person.

  • you have to be able to remain yourself rather than get immersed with the other person. Do not let yourself get changed or dragged into the relationship that change the person you are. Remember that you are entitled to have personal time and set some boundaries that should be respected
  • you should have similar values. As tempting as it may seem to date an anarchist or a rebel, it is pretty hard to maintain such relationships if you do not share their beliefs. People have to be facing the same direction in order to make any affair work
  • you should be able to trust and be trusted. There is nothing good about being anxious or controlled or the time, neither it is a sign of health and mutually respectful rapport.

4 Signs You are Dating ‘the ONE’

We all have been in the place where we thought that giving love is everything we need. Unhappy and unrequited love is a good plot for another penny blood book, but there is nothing thrilling about it in real love. So if you are dating someone, or at least looking at someone as your would-be significant other, here are four things you have to pay attention to:

  1. they are not ashamed of you or of being seen with you. A friend of mine once had to leave a date because the guy introduced her to an approaching friend as a cousin of him. If they are not happy being seen with you, you should not be wasting your time on them.
  2. they are happy to see and share your success. The era of housewives is over, so if the guy says he wants you to quit coulee and stay at home, run away immediately. We are not saying there is anything bad about staying at home with your kids if you truly desire it, but neither there is anything healthy about being referred to as Mrs. Barry Brown and be an accessory to your husband.
  3. they do not want to change you. While they may want you to become a better version of yourself, they should not be pushy or controlling, to God forbid be blackmailing you to get what they want.
  4. they should be fitting into your life. Another friend of mine once said: he was a perfect fit for the life I always have dreamt of. Too bad I wasn’t fitting into that life. Can you imagine this person spending Christmas with your family? Can you spend a day with a family of his?

No-one if these signs can be a definite sign, so you have to trust your guts. Once you find the right person, you will wonder how life felt without them before.

Future spouse

If you are not dating at the time, however, you have some interest in settling your love life, here is my best advice for you:

Set Your Expectations Straight

If you have just found this website, let us tell you something important. Check out this page to download your personal “the happiness project book,” as well as find some amazing happiness project ideas on every important part of your life. And today we want you to think about your personal life. It doesn’t really matter whether you are in a relationship or single, you may find this type of activity useful.

Take your time to print out the pdf, clear your mind and fill the table. You will have to write down things that your future other half has to have, things you would love to see in them, as well as things that would be nice to have. This exercise will help you understand what things you value the most, as well as what things are optional. Be as precise and explicit as possible, specifying every single detail. As a part of project happiness, this will help you better understand yourself as well as balance your expectations.

What is even more important, you have to understand that your happiness should not be defined by your marital or dating status. You are a great and well-rounded human being on your own. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise.

And here are the FREE pdf printable for you. Let us know how they’ve worked for you!

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