How to Study Smart, Not Hard


Many students encounter a dilemma of having enough time for studies and for party making. As a matter of fact, such a miracle is possible, when you study smart. And we know what it means!

Get Your Time Managed

Organize your time in an effective way and make short breaks. You need to switch from one activity to the other in order to stay productive longer. We also suggest you to make all routine things ready: prepare meals, clean your room, etc., as nothing should distract your mind from learning.

Avoid Any Distractions

It does not necessarily have to be loud music or noise from the outside. Put away your smartphone or the book you are reading now. Anything that lures and disturbs you from studying should be kept away, even the links to the tips how to study smart:)

Don't Be a Bookworm

It is not enough to cram, you'd better understand. Many students read piles of books trying to push the information in their heads, but this won't work, remembering does not necessarily mean the knowledge! Try to understand the subject you are learning, as soon as you can clearly explain it on your own, you are done with it!

Review Your Grades

Make an analysis of every single grade you have, try to understand the mistakes you've made and realize what you can do to avoid them in the future. It is entirely okay to ask a professor about the grade and receive some advice on filling the gaps you have. Also, review your research papers and exam assignments. Recollect whether you were disturbed or lacked time when you were completing them. Compare your papers with the works of your peers, but only after receiving a grade because you may subconsciously steal some ideas and then copy them, and we know that plagiarism is not good. There are many other student strategies you may pick up, but adhering to these ones will ensure your smart studying and will save you a fortune of time!

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