How to Write a Capstone Project

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Nov 24, 2018 | 4 Minutes

Many students are interested in how to write a capstone project. The capstone project is one of the types of scientific research; it is a special kind of cognitive activity, which differs from spontaneous cognition and diagnostics. The goal of scientific research is to obtain new data for the public or to model solutions known in science.

How to Write a Capstone Project

The Algorithm of Creating a Capstone Project

Any research work consists of the following parts:

  • introduction (which reflects the goal and objectives, the relevance of the problem)
  • the body of the text (in which the content of the work is disclosed, its theoretical and practical part)
  • conclusions (which contains the results of work, such as conclusions and recommendations)
  • list of references (represents the list of used books and articles)
  • appendix (visual representation of experimental data in the form of tables, charts, diagrams, etc.)

Scientific (research) approach to the study of a phenomenon is one of the ways a person recognizes the surrounding world. This approach has clearly established and accepted in the scientific world features that allow this or that work to be attributed to the field of research. The distinguishing feature of the research activity is the presence of such elements as the practical research method of the selected phenomenon, its experimental material (in the humanitarian field it may be information from primary sources), analysis of its data, and conclusions drawn from it. The essence of the research work consists in comparing the data of the original sources, their creative analysis, and the new conclusions made on its basis.

How to Write Capstone Paper Properly

In order to understand how to write capstone paper correctly, it is necessary to consider the main elements that comprise the research activity. Very often, when reading the text, it is difficult to understand why it was written. It is often encountered in works of art, where the composition of a novel or story is the subject of the author’s intention, and the denouement explaining the purpose of writing the text comes only at the end. The composition and structure of the research work are standard; one cannot deviate from these rules.
The purpose of the study is usually to explore certain phenomena. In the capstone project, it is important to highlight the hypothesis. It allows you to give more meaning to the paper and specify the subject of the study. In the course of the work, it can either be confirmed or refuted so that it must be supported by literary data and logical considerations. After this, it is necessary to set research objectives. The terms “tasks” and “goals” are not the same.
The work should include a literature review, that is, a brief description of what is known about the phenomenon being studied, in which direction other authors are aiming their studies. In this part of the paper, you should show that you are familiar with the field of research from several sources, and what is more, that you are setting a new task. Writing a literary review will help you master the material more freely.

The Capstone Project Proposal

Data plays an important role in the capstone project proposal. In the text, numbers and specific examples serve to illustrate and give a general description of the results obtained during the study, on the basis of which conclusions are drawn. Therefore, usually, the working data is processed, and they represent only the most necessary information in the text. The best form of presentation is graphic. Always put yourself in your readers’ shoes, who need to understand the paper and the nature of the results presented just in 5-10 minutes. Try to make your essay as understandable as possible. The obtained data must be compared with other literary sources, that is, you must establish and formulate the patterns found in the research process.
Moreover, the work must be completed with conclusions in which the results of the work have to be presented. This part of the capstone project should be consistent with its goals, objectives, and hypothesis of research. Furthermore, it has to be the answer to the questions posed ay the beginning.

The Structure of the Paper

The table of contents should include an introduction; titles of chapters and paragraphs; conclusion; list of sources used; application names and corresponding page numbers.
The introduction should include the formulation of the problem, reflect the relevance of the topic, the definition of goals and objectives, a brief overview of the literature and sources used, the degree of knowledge of this issue, a description of your own work experience in solving the selected problem.
The body of the text should contain information collected and processed by the researcher, namely a description of the main facts considered, describing of methods for solving the problem, a comparison of previously existing and proposed solutions known to the author, the rationale for the chosen solution (efficiency, accuracy, simplicity, clarity, practical significance, and etc.) The body of the text must be divided into chapters.
In the last paragraph, the conclusions and results obtained by the author, the directions for further research and proposals on the possible practical use of the research results are formulated in a concise manner. The list of sources includes the publications and sources used by the writer. All books and articles must be numbered and arranged in alphabetical order.
The work may contain applications with illustrative material (pictures, charts, maps, tables, photographs, etc.), which should be associated with the main content. Appendices are not included in the total number of pages and should be numbered and titled. You must refer to them in the text of your capstone project.

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