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What Essential Steps Should You Take to Get Ready for Composing a Movie Review?

Posted date: November 23, 2018 how-to-write-a-film-review

Getting started, it is so important to go through a few useful prewriting tips and make up your mind about the motion picture you are going to evaluate.
Due to the requirements, an average movie review should not be longer than one thousand words. Even if you estimate a shorter film, you will certainly need more than one day to deal with this task. So, roll your sleeves up and have a look at the list of steps that go before the writing itself.

How to Write a Film Review

Asking yourself how to write a movie review, refer to topic selection first. In some cases, the theme for a review could be already assigned by your professor. You are often given a choice within a genre of required thematic. It is better to search for a movie that is familiar to the audience and has been estimated by a number of critics. These criteria can be a sign of worthy picture that may kindle the spark of interest in you, and you will derive pleasure in the process of its evaluation. Therefore, the chances to receive a powerful review will be high.
Going further, you should watch a feature film itself. But it doesn’t mean you’ll get the desired nuggets of information from the first watching. Get ready that you’ll need to watch it even three times because it is beyond the bounds of possibility to pay attention to all the crucial details for one try. Forming the first impression and perceiving the general atmosphere are the things that you achieve at the beginning.
Do not force yourself to concentrate on the content and details. Just let it be appraised naturally letting yourself follow the run of events without any special analysis and critic.
The second attempt demands you being more attentive. Take a closer look at the particular components of a motion picture, for example, acting, soundtracks, editing, etc. Whenever the issue undertaken is not familiar to you, carry out research. Dig deeper and get to know more about the events taking place. If you do not present enough data and concrete facts, you won’t be considered authoritative and reputable.
Do not worry if it happens that after the second watching you still have some difficulties compiling a review. Watch the film one more time or just look over the key scenes to refresh it. Lay down an aim to join technical strategies applied and thematic content of a movie to evaluate its efficiency.
Identifying the individual style of a director is also of a great significance. That is why you should devote time to examine a couple of other movies by the same director. What is more, you should also have a look at the actors taking part and observe the way they act in other movies.

How to Write a Movie Review Essay

Going ahead with the text itself, you should follow a number of tips on how to write a movie review essay. Take a record of the most impressive scenes, write down the key events and some details that left an impression on you. Note some word-for-word phrases from a movie and implement them in the main part for supporting your argumentation.
It doesn’t matter how many times you have watched a motion, you may not be aware of all the vital information about it. Additionally, you should find out more about the background of a feature picture and some interesting facts as well. You may use it for an introduction to attract readers’ attention. Study up on the circumstances and specific features of the process of shooting, challenges on the way of the production, and other peculiarities.
It is a nice idea to mention the awards that a film has received. It will work as a serious argument for someone who doubts whether to spend time on this movie or not. Do not overload the text with some informative details. Leave some space for your personal thoughts, adding them to the generalized info that you present.

How to Do a Film Review Essay

Through reading some reviews of professional critics, you can get a hint on how to do a film review essay. Search for them on certain websites, famous magazines, or newspaper. Among the rates of the best ones, we can suggest reading The New Yorker, The Washington Post, The New York Times, and Rolling Stone.

Moreover, there is a number of questions that may lead you during the process of completing the assignment.

  1. Is this movie a part of a franchise? How is it connected with the other parts of the franchise?
  2. What serves as a base for a film? Have any real-life stories been pictured in it?
  3. Did the writer do his best to compose a catching and engrossing plot?
  4. Do you find the rhythm of the movie dynamic? Have you noticed any unnecessary details?
  5. Is the film oriented at any target audience?
  6. Are there any other films developing the same issue?
  7. What types of shots are applied by a cameraman in the movie? What effects do these strategies have on the perception of a film?
  8. Have you identified any exclusive character portrayed?
  9. How can you rate the cast? How successful was the acting of the main characters?
  10. What words can you apply to describe the atmosphere of the movie?

Once you have answered all these questions, you’ll sure have a ready draft for your review. You should follow the further straight guideline, starting from a catchy introduction, moving to the main part, and summarizing the overall effect the movie has. The process is quite time-consuming and do not think that it’ll be an overnight success. So, put all your effort and creativity to end up with a winning review.

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