How to Write the WPE Essay Properly


Have you ever thought that there are some tips that might help you improve your writing skills and make your papers stand out among others? You are definitely lucky, because here are several best pieces of advice on how to write quality academic papers.

Best Ways to Improve Your Writing

  1. Do not use long descriptions and write long stories. Instead, use your own experience to briefly prove a point.
  2. Keep in mind that humor or satire is usually difficult to write; however, you are free to employ any of them if it contributes to your topic.
  3. Apply your own comfortable and sophisticated voice in writing an WPE essay, instead a language that you are not sure of. You have to concentrate on clarity.
  4. If you are asked to summarize, do it in a brief way (one paragraph is enough). Avoid heavy citations of the article you are summarizing. Write in your own words so that you can demonstrate you understand what you have read.
  5. As soon as you have made several notes and have certain idea of what you are going to say, start your writing. You need to write quickly and later reread the entire essay. Avoid slow writing and counting the number of words. This way, you will encourage the “critic” who will tell you which word is wrong or misspelled, and right now you need the “creator” to complete the writing.
  6. Ensure each paragraph of your paper develops certain point and all of them are tied to the overall idea. One of the great tips on writing is to have every paragraph begin with a general statement that describes what the paragraph is about. Next, provide an example that will support the topic sentence. Then, explain the importance of your evidence.
  7. Sometimes, students think that the concluding paragraph, even in the short papers, has to repeat the main ideas of the essay. This strategy is useful for long and complex pieces of writing. For brief essays, you should not waste time repeating yourself. It is much better to use the concluding part for a suitable closing of your essay: make a clearer restatement of your position, make an appeal or give a reasonable solution. Be thoughtful instead of summing up the obvious.
  8. Make sure you have some time to proofread your essay. Everybody makes slips on drafts. If you write quickly, leave at least 10 minutes to ensure you have used proper examples, organized your paragraphs in order, and provided accurate facts. Lastly, check whether there are any missing words, grammar slips, or serious misspellings.


Use these pieces of advice to write a high-quality WPE essay.

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