Living Away From Home: Advantages and Disadvantages


More and more people are wishing to go abroad today, but what advantages and disadvantages await them there? Let’s start with positive things. First of all, it’s freedom. We have much more freedom than we used to have at home. We are not under surveillance anymore and pretty much we can do whatever we want. Partying, drinking and traveling anywhere anytime without parents’ permission, now all this is possible. We all know how much attention our parents give us at home. They sometimes even try to influence on our private lives even though we never asked them to do so. As can be seen, living away from home is pretty convenient. Furthermore, this helps to become more independent in future.

Another advantage is that universities in another country can give us subjects that our local institutions just simply haven’t got. This comes with a better opportunity to get a well-paid job and increase chances to get residency after finishing a university. Moreover, one the best part of studying away from home is that we can get acquainted with lots of new friends from all over the world. It can be Italy, USA, France, Ukraine, UK, China or Canada. Additionally, we can learn about their cultures or traditions and in future, we can even get a job with a help of our foreign friends. In addition, friends from overseas can provide us with accommodation if it comes to traveling and show us their lands. We can show them our country as well.

On the other hand, there a couple of disadvantages studying away from home. For example, a new environment is not always easy to dive in. Yeah, we can enjoy our new life and be the happiest people ever, but as time goes by, we most likely will miss our relatives, friends and home, which in some cases may even lead to major depressive disorders. Also, we have to get used to new circumstances in life such as food, climate and language environment.

Again, we can’t forget how vulnerable we are being new to a country. For example, someone who we just met at the club or party may sneakily drop opiates into our glass while we went to the toilet, even though they seem to be kind and friends at first. We are not under parents’ surveillance anymore, and our parents can’t take care of us. We are on our own now. Moreover, living in another country means paying bills and tuition fees as an international student.

As has been noted, there are advantages and disadvantages living apart of our family members. It gives us freedom, better educational and communicational backgrounds and new friends as benefits; however, we have to be very accurate, capable and strong-willed in terms of our own safety and health.

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