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Apr 10, 2018 | 5 Minutes

Submitting an original essay is a dream of every student. And while there are tons of essay writing tips telling you their ways to write better essays; it is the originality they all lack. Usually, your professors have been teaching for what, 10, 15 or 20 years, so that have seen thousands of submitted essays. So if you really want to impress them, consider the following:

How to Write More Original Essays
  1. Choose a topic no one else wants. One of the ideas behind submitting a more original paper is to choose the topic others refuse to write on. We are not talking about a more complicated one or the one your professor will not approve. No, we advise to opt for something unexpected and cool at the same time. Think about a way to impress and intrigue your professor.
  2. Stick to the minority opinion. All the essay writing techniques we have found online keep telling you to stick to the facts and ideas shared by the general public, so you are probably going to end up with a paper similar to your fellow classmates. We offer you the opposite. Choose an unpopular idea, go against the tide, and opt for ideas others may not use in their paper.
  3. Read what others don’t. One of the ways to write better essays is to choose the obscure scholar sources. One may wonder where you can find them, although it is easier than you think:
  • check whether your professor has any publication of the topic, if yes – check their references. This way you will be able to address something they approve and make them trust your judgments more as these are the sources they have trusted themselves;
  • pay closer attention to the footnotes and references of the books you are supposed to cover as your weekly or course reading. You may draw your inspiration from the books that have served as a bibliography for you academic reading;
  • ask for help. You may be surprised by the ideas your T.A. or local librarian can come up with;
  • Internet search. While Google Scholar is an amazing tool, you may also find Wiki some sort of inspiration, as their referencing lists are more than amazing.
  1. Change the structure. While all components of a good essay should better be kept in place, you may well play with the structure and choose some alternative methods of structuring your essay in order to catch the attention. There are several ways to structure and approach virtually any essay, so try something you have never done before.
  2. Compare the texts, ideas, concepts. If you prepare an essay for your humanities or Literature class, you may find a great inspiration and source for originality in the works of the same author or in the philosophy of that epoch. For example, if you are writing about a poem, you may address the philosophical theories popular at the time, find common ideas in the poems from other periods, or find the links to the events of author’s life. If you have a more technical paper to submit, you may find it useful to look for the tendencies and inclinations in order to find any pattern in the events or phenomena you are describing.
  3. Include visual data. Not that they can replace your whole paper, but in some cases, including a graph is better than providing a long spreadsheet with tons of numerical data. If you are preparing a paper on arts, you have to throw in some images. However, remember that your data should support the ideas in your essay, and your text should address and connect the images to the whole writing.
  4. Use advanced language. Among some other essay writing tips, the proper use of academic language should be mentioned as well. And before you start arguing that you may not know all these fancy words, let us tell you: use Thesaurus. Not only it will help you avoid tautology, but will also bring up some of the synonyms you would never think of on your own.
  5. Implement analogies. While this section might be a bit similar to #5, it is different in the way that you can bring ideas from the areas not related directly the topic or discipline. For example, once we have included the programming principles in the Pedagogy essay, and the feedback was just amazing. Some ideas could be relevant not only to the area they have originated from.
  6. Provide your opinion. While this may seem as an obvious option, many students either do not care about it or simply are scared to provide their personal ideas on the subject matter. Despite the lack of expertise, you can always share your point of view (well, it is better if it comes in lie with the ideas and fact listed in your essay).
  7. End with a question. Although we were always taught that it might be a good idea to begin your essay with a rhetorical question, let us tell you: less than 6 percent of students include the question in the summary section of their writing, and less than 3 will end the essay with a question. Why is it so great? You professor will remember your essay, and it will definitely make you stand out from the crowd. It is also the nature of a human brain that we remember things that make us think.

So, if you are looking for a way to submit a more original paper that will both please your professor and won’t make you feel bad for betraying your beliefs, you may find these tips useful. Choose the unpopular topics, use alternative referencing sources, and don’t be scared to link the ideas and trends from other subjects or areas of expertise. However, remember one thing that should remain dogmatic: your formatting and style should be impeccable regardless of the topic you choose.

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