Tips to Write an Essay Like a Pro


If you ask a seasoned writer how to write like a pro, you would most probably not get a one-way answer. Actually, it’s natural because if you would like to learn how to write like a pro it is not enough to take a piece of paper and a pen and just start writing something. First of all, you need to have a solid practice. Writing is not learned in one day. Second, you need to have versatile writing skills, namely know how to write both an essay and a professional email. Besides, you need to be well-versed in the structure of different kinds of writing.

This article contains a list of tips that will help you to learn proper academic writing:

  1. Read books

To know the basics of writing and learn how to convey your ideas in an interesting way, you need to read a lot. Stick to the habit of reading at least a few pages per day. If you are interested in creative writing, then you are strongly encouraged to read fiction. If you want to learn how to write different articles, then focus on non-fiction and article reading.  

  1. Write, write, write

You can’t obtain a skill without practice, right? Therefore, whenever you have a free minute, just take a pen and some paper and write. You can write just anything: narrate or describe your feelings and emotions that you have during the day or write down a memoir of some long-forgotten memories.

  1. Implement new words into your active vocabulary

Successful writing entails using sophisticated writing structures and specific vocabulary. However, it does not mean that your layout of the material has to be confusing and non-understandable to others. If you aim to learn to write in a particular discipline, just get into the habit of learning some new words.

  1. Do research

It is advisable to learn how to research properly. Choose a topic that interests you most and conduct a thorough research on it: read some books and other credible sources and extract the core findings on the chosen issue.

  1. Keep yourself updated on the writing styles

Writing styles are constantly being changed, so be sure you follow the latest updates. When you have an assignment to write an essay in a certain style, make sure you know all its peculiarities from A to Z. Focus your attention on general formatting, reference page formatting, sizes and styles of fonts, and other specifics.

All in all, if you have decided to take up writing, make sure you enjoy what you do. If you are happy and enthusiastic about broadening your outlook and improving your skills, then you will surely succeed in it.

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