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What Is a Review Article

Posted date: November 23, 2018 what-is-an-article-review

How do you think, what is a review article? Frankly speaking, it is considered to be a type of professional paper writing. What is more, it requires that a writer has a high level of in-depth analysis, as well as a relevant presentation of arguments. As a matter of fact, your main task is to review the topic, summarize everything, and present your clear understanding of the topic you’ve chosen.
What does writing involve? It is about summarization, analysis, classification, comparison, and critique.
The analysis, comparison, and evaluation demand to use different theories, ideas together with research that are relevant to the article you’ve been working on.
Bear in mind, it is of a great importance to introduce new information. If you decide just to present a response to some writer’s work, your review is worth nothing.
Checking out various samples in order to get a better understanding regarding how to review the article is the thing you’d better do right away.

Scientific Review Paper

The type of review that deals with anything that can be found in the realm of science is called scientific review paper.

Review of an Article

The type of review which is called review of an article has to do with summarizing the present state of apprehension of a topic. In fact, working on a review article involves surveying and summarizing studies that were published previously rather than highlighting a new analysis or facts. A review article is sometimes also called a survey article.
Review article introduces:

  • the most important figures who are working in a field
  • the latest major discoveries and advances
  • current debates
  • ideas with regard to where research could go further


A journal article review is about evaluating strengths, as well as weaknesses, of an article. A skilled writer is supposed to provide the readers with an interpretation and analysis that can demonstrate the article’s value.


It is important to mention that a research article review is different from a journal article review. It has to do with evaluation of the research method that was used and holding those pieces of information in retrospect to critique and analysis.

Formatting a Review Article

Make sure that the format of your paper adheres to the citation style that your professor requires. If you are not sure about the preferred format, you’d better ask your professor and seek clarification on this.

How to Use the APA Format

It’s a well-known fact that articles usually appear in newspapers, academic journals, and on various websites. Writing a review of an article in the APA format means that you will have to write relevant bibliographical entries for all necessary sources you use. In the following paragraphs, you’ll get to know how to do it:
Journal Article: The last name of the author, A.A (first and middle initial), (Year of Publication). The title of the article. Periodical title, Volume, pp.-pp.
Web Article: The last name of the author, A.A (first and middle initial). (Year, Month and Date of Publication). The title of the article. Retrieved from {link}

How to Use the MLA Format

Journal Article: The last name of the author, The first one M. “The Title of the Article.” Journal Title Series Volume (Year Published): The necessary page(s). The Name of the Database. Web. Date Month and Year Accessed.
Web Article: The last name of the author, First and middle initial. “The Title of the Article.”The Title of the Website. Website Publisher, Date Month and Year Published. Web. Date Month and Year Accessed.

The Pre-Writing Process

Bear in mind, organization in such an assignment is believed to be of a great importance. Before you make up your mind to embark on your writing process, it could be one of the best ideas to think about outlining your assignment or using a similar article review as a template for organizing your thoughts in a logical way.
Begin with an introductory paragraph that highlights the article, as well as a thesis, for the review.
After that, create a summary that includes the main points of the article.
Proceed with highlighting the facts and positive points presented in the article.
You should also identify gaps, disparities, contradictions in the text so that critique of the article can be made.

Preparation of Article Analysis and Evaluation

It’s no secret that in order to write a successful article review, it is significant for a student to be prepared for this and accomplish essential pre-writing stage. This writing process will definitely go faster if you try to get ready.
This is a useful summary of the main points:

  • defining the audience that is relevant to your paper
  • presenting goals of your chosen article
  • writing down the background information to the article
  • providing a good reason regarding why you’ve chosen a specific article
  • making an analysis of previous research studies

Structure the Article Review

It is worth mentioning that a student ought to organize a review of an article in an appropriate way. Actually, he should consider writing a few separate parts.
Bear in mind to devise the hook! This is an eye-catching sentence made of a life story, interesting fact, famous quote, jokes, etc.
Write an influential introduction paragraph. The key to this is a powerful thesis.
Don’t forget about using transition words that can be helpful for you in making the entire paper logically written.
There is no doubt that every article critique requires a special section where the results are mentioned. This part may be called Discussion or Findings. This part has to do with summarizing the information together with essence of what you realize is important.
Keep in mind, writing an outline is the thing you should focus on.

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