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When students contemplate the decision to buy academic papers from a writing service, they have four major concerns– plagiarism, quality, cost, and deadline. At, we fully understand these concerns, but are happy to address them, so that students can buy academic papers at our site with confidence and peace of mind.


All students know the definition of plagiarism and the consequences of this type of academic dishonesty. EssaysWriters.comunderstands the definitions of plagiarism in the academic world, and we have had, since our inception, a strict no-tolerance policy for any plagiarism on the part of anyone who writes for us. To this end, each writer signs a binding legal contract and understands that any incidence of plagiarism will subject that writer to immediate termination and legal action.

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To provide assurance to our clients, we have developed an in-house plagiarism detection software system that is far more sophisticated than that used by most educational institutions. When students buy academic papers from us, they are scanned through our system before delivery. Every paper is guaranteed original!


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To us, the term “quality” denotes two critical factors– use of the best resources for the topic and academic level, and the actual construction of the paper. Quality of research and writing is only as good as the individuals who are creating the papers, and, therefore, lies with the writers who are employed by a writing service. At, we have a thorough process for screening and evaluating the qualifications of anyone who applies to write for us. First, they must submit their academic credentials, and these are verified by our site administrators. Once the credentials are accepted, we ask each candidate to present samples of his/her work and to produce an original paper on a topic of our choice.  These are carefully evaluated by our editorial staff to ensure that they meet the high standards we have set for all of our writers. Only when an individual has satisfactorily passed through these steps is she employed as a writer for us.


When students buy academic papers from, they complete a detailed order form, providing all of the specifics of the order. Based upon several factors, a price is then determined. These factors include the level of study of the student and the level of research required for a quality product to be created. Other factors include length, depth of topic, statistical analysis (if required), and, of course, the deadline by which the paper must be delivered. This pricing policy is fair to both our clients and to our writers.


We understand that instructors and professors provide due dates for all written assignments, and that grades will suffer if there is any delay in meeting that deadline. It is therefore critical that students who buy academic papers from us specify an exact deadline for the delivery. We recommend that students give themselves at least a 24-hour “window,” so that they may have the opportunity to review their work and request any revisions they wish. We also understand that students may have urgent deadlines, and we will not promise what we cannot deliver. However, it must also be understood that, in extreme cases, more than one writer may be assigned, and the cost will subsequently increase.

The decision to buy academic papers from a writing service is not to be taken lightly. The consequences for choosing the wrong service can be horrific. We urge students to use the service that has stood the test of time and that commits itself to the highest standards in the industry–!

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