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When it comes to academic writing, professors make writing a critique paper one of their top priorities. What is an article critique, exactly? Unlike an article review in which you are asked to offer a somewhat subjective opinion about a particular writing work, a critique essay asks you to objectively analyze an article using strong support from the readings as well as addition outside research that provides broader context, such as background about the article’s author or even the influence that the work has had on its genre. If you aren’t sure how to critique a research article or are having difficulty thinking of proper article critique ideas, you should seek assistance from the experts at, a leading academic writing company. Not only do our experts know how to write an article critique based on your specific instructions, they can deliver it on even the tightest of deadlines.

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Why should you buy an article critique from Even if you know somewhat how to do an article critique, you might not always have the time to do it. After all, as a college student you have a whole lot of things that are competing for your attention, and we don’t just mean those attractive coeds. When you are taking a load of classes, have responsibilities to your fraternity or sorority, or even a campus job, it can become downright impossible to concentrate on small details such as writing the article critique in APA style or MLA, Harvard or Chicago. This is why offers the perfect solution. For just a few dollars, you can hire a professional academic writer who knows how to summarize and critique an article that really impresses your instructor. Our staff of experts have vast experience in a variety of fields and can do everything from writing a journal article critique about cyberbullying to a scholarly article critique on a current issue related to psychology. They can even critique a review article about bullying in the schoolyard, business ethics, and nursing. No matter what you need, you can be sure our writers know how to analyze an article that is relevant and important. Our experts are truly passionate about what they do, and they want to see you succeed! So why not make the right investment and purchase a custom written critique that improves your grades and frees up your time?

The Process of Writing an Article Critique

Before we discuss the process of writing an article critique, let us define critique. In other words, what is a critique? When students think about how to critique a journal article, they assume it serves as a platform for bashing the author and their work. But in reality, the article critique criteria involves examining the writing at a deep level and discussing both its strengths and weaknesses. Indeed, a critique can even be entirely positive. Just make sure you are able to back up your points using strong evidence both within the text and outside sources that provide more context.

Students who know how to write a critique of an article will tell you that the first key strategy is not to procrastinate. This type of paper does require you to read an article a few times, highlight important points, and do research on the author and even similar works as a means of determining motivations and making comparisons. If you find a particular article entertaining, it is not enough to conclude, “It’s very engrossing” without pointing out evidence in the writing itself. What makes it stick out from the rest? What techniques does the writer use to advance the story? If you are critiquing a scientific journal, discuss whether the methods are appropriate or if the data collected only misleads. The proper article critique format includes an introduction that provides some background information about the subject of the article as well as its author, and includes a thesis that forms the backbone of the entire paper. The body of the paper highlights the main points being critiqued along with the evidence. The conclusion summarizes the paper and discusses the broader implications of the work.

As you have probably noticed, writing a critique article really is taxing. But fortunately is here to help! We can provide you with a made-from-scratch critique article that thoroughly examines books, scholarly journals, and even newspaper editorials. If you are struggling with choosing the right article to critique, our experts can assist you with that. Of course, if you have written a first draft of your paper and are just looking for it to be polished up, we have an editing department that would be happy to oblige! No matter what you need, will always deliver the best academic services around!

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