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If you are taking a business, writing, public policy, or human resource course, you will likely be asked to interview somebody in order to gain insight. For example, you might interview a grandfather who was a war veteran or a friend who immigrated from another country to learn about their experiences. Likewise, you could sit down with a city manager to find out about how the city is run, or an education policy expert who wants to improve student performance.

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No matter the occasion, is ready to help you when you are having difficulties thinking about which questions to write or simply how to dictate it in the proper format. We have expert writers who can handle any task for a small price. In this article, we will offer some tips on interview essay writing and tell you how you can order your own custom paper!

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There are so many reasons why you should buy an interview essay. For instance, if the purpose of the exercise were to find out about somebody’s life, you would be asked to write profile essay interview questions. Our expert writers can help you think up really intriguing questions that tell the person’s story.

Furthermore, you know that writing an interview essay in APA format, MLA, Harvard or Chicago can be tedious. So why not relieve yourself of the burden and ask a professional to do it? With that in mind, let us take a look at the three most common interview essay assignment formats:

Narrative Essay

A narrative interview essay can be written in two possible directions. You can either describe everything that occurred during the interview (both the information shared by the interviewee and details such as the cafe where the interview took place, the body language, and even how you felt as you were asking questions) or you can do a straightforward Question and Answer dialogue. Either way, you should not just go straight into the interview. You should explain to the reader the purpose of interviewing that person.

Leadership Essay

A leadership essay is common in business, civic, and political leadership classes. Some students use this as an opportunity to interview their town’s mayor, a city council member, or even their representative in Congress. Of course, a prominent lawyer or businessperson is also appropriate. However, keep in mind that they have a busy schedule, so you should contact them well in advance to set up an interview time.

It is also important that you arrive at the appointed time. In some cases, they might request that the interview take place via Skype or phone. Keep in mind that they might not necessarily consent to be recorded - especially if you luck out and land an interview with a high profile individual - so you should take good notes and clarify any statements during the interview.

Career Interview Essay

This type of interview can be really interesting and informative, especially if the student wants to find out more about the ins and outs of a particular job. Aside from the obvious questions regarding their day-to-day responsibilities, it might be useful to ask how they found the job in the first place, what kind of questions they were asked during the interview, and how the job has helped them grow both professionally and as a person. They might be more inclined to allow you to record the conversation, but bring a pen and notepad just in case.

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How to Write an Interview Paper

Now that you have a better idea about the different types of interviews, let us look at how to write an interview paper. When writing an interview paper, it is important that you choose a topic and individual who are relevant to your course. It is also essential that you pick an interesting topic since it will provide motivation.

Keep in mind that the academic level makes a difference in terms of your approach. For instance, the expectations from your professor if you are writing an interview college paper will differ versus, say, an interview analysis paper for a master’s level class. This is true regardless of the interview format of the paper. If the subject of the paper is about the interviewee him/herself, make sure that you have done some research about that person beforehand.

They might not take you seriously if you have to ask them basic questions such as their name, job title, and where they live. It would be good to know about their educational background, their area of expertise, accomplishments, and anything else that you can find. If you are thinking about research paper interview questions, you should be able to inform the reader about the individual being interviewed so that it adds credibility to your report.

Now that you how to write a paper about an interview, you should be on the right path. Of course, if you lack the confidence to write it or simply do not have the time, your best bet is to order a custom interview essay from, a leading academic writing service.

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