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The task of a premier college essay formatting service is to make sure that your academic paper is not only written properly but also formatted in accordance with modern standards. We make sure that the formatting style is properly followed and the paper looks as it has to. We work with different styles and adhere to the slightest requirements in regard to each of them. We guarantee that the services you order will satisfy you completely.

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It is unlikely that an academic paper will receive a high grade if formatting aspects are not properly addressed within it. If the paper is poorly structured, headings are not properly formatted, different fonts are used, etc., such paper will not be perceived positively. The way paper looks plays a great role, as it creates the first impression about your work.

As a rule, not much attention is paid to teaching formatting styles to students in colleges and universities. As a result, not all students know how the formatting of different styles needs to be done.

Our college essay formatting service is a great option for students who want their papers to look great. We can easily help with any formatting style and make your paper look professional and flawless.

The Importance of Proper Formatting

It often happens that students get reduced marks simply due to minor mistakes in format. In order to get a high mark, each aspect of formatting needs to be addressed starting from general layout and ending with commas.

The situation when you get a low mark for formatting can be avoided if you work with our essay formatting services. You will not need to spend long hours reading formatting rules for each specific formatting style. Our professional writers will make sure the format is done properly.

If you have your text written but you are not very good at formatting, you should definitely use our essay formatting help. In this way, you will be able to get your paper done fast and professionally. We will pay attention to the slightest details and will not miss a thing.

We work only with the latest updates and that is why we will not make mistakes based on the outdated rules. If you are not strong at editing, you do not have to worry about it. We will help you get your paper formatted using the formatting style you need.

College Application Essay Writing

A college application essay is a special type of essay that is written by those students who intend to apply for a specific college. Considering this definition, the purpose of this essay writing becomes obvious. If you want to apply to a college, you will need to write this essay.

It is very crucial to pay attention to all aspects of the writing of an application essay if you want it to be outstanding and lead to the desired outcome.

Formatting also plays a crucial role, as it is an essential element of writing.

College Application Essay Formatting

Here are some of the useful tips that will help you format and write your application essay properly:

Pay attention to the paper structure

Even though it is recommended not to write a regular essay but a story to make your paper more interesting, it is still necessary to follow a standard structure of the essay. Include introductory part, main body, and concluding part. Make sure all parts are interconnected in a logical way.

Choose a specific topic

In order to make a good story, you should concentrate on a few or just one episode from your life. It will help you remain focused and specific.

Write an outline

In order not to make mistakes with the format, start your work by making an outline of your paper. It will help you complete your work more successfully.


Creativity is an essential element of your writing. The main purpose of application essay is to make admission officers interested in your essay and in you. So, simple dull academic writing is not the best option.

Use examples

Make your story vivid by adding examples from your own experience. Make your essay a story of your success. Moreover, you are required to use outside materials to support the information in your paper.

Ask someone to proofread your paper

After the work is done, ask some person aware of the topic you work on to check your paper. In such way, you will make sure that the format of your paper is correct and if some mistakes are noticed, you will have time to correct them.

Use Word tools

Microsoft Word tools will help you avoid minor mistakes and make your paper better. It does not mean that you will not have to proofread your paper afterward but it still will help you save time and avoid misprints, etc.

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Use standard fonts

Many students think that using fancy fonts will help make their paper more well-looking. Still, such an approach may rather lead to the fact that the paper will be hardly readable. Do not make experiments with fonts and better stick to the standard 12-point Times New Roman, Calibri, or Arial.

Adjust format for online application

Make sure your format remains unchanged after the online submission of your essay. Sometimes, after online submission, some elements of the formatting may disappear. So, it is recommended to adjust your paper for online submission.

Pay attention to specific formatting requirements

If you are given specific formatting requirements, make sure you follow them properly. It means that you may be asked to submit your paper using 1,5 or double spacing. You may also be required to use 1-inch margins, etc. Pay attention to specific requirements and make sure you follow them not to lose points. Use indentation for each new paragraph. Align your text to the left and do not make the unnecessary spacing between paragraphs.

Stick to submission instructions

Please note that each university or college has its particular submission instructions. It is important that you check these requirements prior to submitting your paper not to violate them.

Pay attention to the file format

In addition to specific instructions, you may also be requested to submit your paper in a particular file format. It is easier for some admission officers to read papers in Word, so if you upload it in PDF, it will not make you any good.

College Admission Essay Formatting Tips

College Admission Essay Format

As it was mentioned before, each element of the admission college essay is important. The format is not an exception. In order to format your paper properly, many aspects have to be taken into account. First of all, you need to follow specific guidelines in regard to the formatting style you are supposed to use. Second, you need to be aware of the specific requirements of the college to formatting.

The following tips will help you format your college admission essay properly.

  1. Consider setting correct margins in your essay. It can be done by using Word tolls. Still, many programs have standard settings in regard to margins. For example, MS Word sets 1-inch margins in its documents. Still, this value may change based on the specific requirements and can be easily adjusted manually.
  2. The second aspect of the college admission essay that has to be paid attention to is spacing. MS Word and other programs allow setting different spacing in Word documents. This value can also be adjusted and depends on the type of paper, specific and requirements. Normally, the documents are double-spaced and left-aligned but it is strongly recommended to check the college requirements regarding these values.
  3. Use standard fonts. If you have doubts about what font to use and nothing in this regard is stated in the formatting instructions to your essay, use Times New Roman, 12-font size. It is a generally accepted font that suits any paper.
  4. Strictly follow the instructions of the required formatting style. You may be asked to use MLA, Chicago, or any other formatting style to format your paper. You need to stick to the latest version of this style and make sure no mistakes are made. If you need assistance with formatting, our company will help you with this task.
  5. There may be different requirements regarding title page formatting. Each formatting style has its own requirements as well. Still, there is also a standard way to format your title page for an application essay and it is as follows:

You need to provide your name and the name of your instructor first. Then, you need to indicate the names of your subject and course and finally put the date of your document submission.

Formatting is crucial for the successful completion of your paper. Besides, it is important to make your paper look professional. If you need professional assistance with it, you should contact us without hesitation. Our services are beneficial for many reasons:

  1. We provide outstanding quality of our services. Our formatting specialists are experts in both writing and formatting and have rich experience in performing such work. They will easily help you with any formatting style and make your paper look perfect.
  2. We help you save your time and get the task done within the deadline.
  3. We provide an individual approach towards each customer and each order. After the work is done, you get a professional piece of writing written and formatted according to the latest standards.
  4. We are ready to help with urgent orders. You can contact us to negotiate the deadline and to place your order at any time. We will be glad to provide you with assistance with formatting your application essay.

Formatting is a crucial aspect of an application essay that is often ignored by many students. However, such an approach may become a reason for failure. If you want to make a good impression, you need to make sure that your paper is perfect in all aspects. Order our services if you think that formatting may be a problem for you and we will take care of your essay!

Best Essay Formatting Services

If you are looking for the best essay formatting services, you are at the right place. If you need to format your paper in a style, you do not know about and you do not have much time to do research on how this format should look, you should definitely contact us. We offer our customers high quality and affordable services they will be satisfied with.

You can rely on us because we have a huge experience of working in the writing field and our writers possess huge experience in formatting papers of any type. We can format your essay, research paper, or even dissertation if you want. Our essay formatting help will be of great use.

Premier Formatting Help

How to Format a College Essay

There are different formats that can be used in your paper. Very often, they depend on paper type and on the personal preferences of professors. Some students are surprised to find out that there are much more formatting styles in addition to the most common APA and MLA styles. So, if you are given a format you have never heard about before, you should come to us and say: format my college essay! Premier writers can help you with the following styles:

  1. APA. This style follows specific APA guidelines and is usually used in papers in such disciplines as Psychology, Science, etc.
  2. MLA. This style is usually required for writing papers in humanities sciences.
  3. Turabian/Chicago. This style is usually required for papers in Fine Arts, Business, etc.

In addition to these styles, we also work with ASA, IEEE, and others. It is clear that if you are given the right to choose a style on your own, you can choose the one you know best. However, if you are required to use a specific formatting style you are not well aware of, it may become a problem.

To make sure that the formatting requirements of our clients are met, we combine general rules with specific requirements of a particular educational establishment. It helps us come up with a perfect formatting style and make the paper meet the requirements.

We pay close attention to such areas:

  1. Preliminary pages.

It is important to pay attention to these pages, as they are the first pages of your work and they are seen first. If they are formatted poorly, it can result in a prejudiced attitude towards your work and, consequently, reduced marks. Preliminary pages include the title page, contents page, abstract page, acknowledgment, and list of figures. If these pages are done right, you are one step closer to success. Order our college essay formatting service to get the job done right.

  1. Numbering.

You may be surprised but even page numbering plays an important role. Different formatting styles have their specific requirements for numbering. For example, some of them require inserting numbers starting from the very first page, while in others pages are numbered starting from the second page, etc. If you entrust your paper to us, we will do it right.

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  1. Headings.

The format of headings and subheadings also differs from style to style. If you ask us for essay formatting help, we will make sure that the format of these elements is followed. For example, some headings have to be bold, while others need to be shifted left. Our writers will take care of it depending on the style used in the paper.

  1. Margins.

One more thing we pay attention to is margins and spacing. We will make sure that this issue is addressed depending on the requirements and formatting style.

Professional Cheap Essay Formatting Help

If you are in need of cheap essay formatting help, our company is exactly what you have been looking for! Papers of any kind are not just about writing. There are different aspects that have to be taken into account and formatting is one of them. It is a separate area of work with its rules, guidelines, and requirements. In order to do it right, you will have to pay attention to the slightest details.

Even if you have a detailed guide on your formatting style, there is no guarantee that you will follow all the requirements. Still, even if you skip a full stop or comma, you may lose points. Considering the above information, many students choose reliable essay formatting services. It is a good way to solve problems with formatting and receive a paper you can dream of. Formatting your paper correctly is important because it influences its overall look and ensures that the points will not be deducted.

Asking for professional help is beneficial for many reasons. First of all, our services are cheap and affordable for all students. We offer professional help with formatting papers in Harvard, Oxford, MLA, etc. With us, you may not worry about the quality of services we deliver and about the overall layout of your paper. We have a rich experience of working with different formatting styles and numerous customers.

If you are looking for a college essay formatting service that can help you with, let us say, APA format, one of our writers or editors will be there for you. They will follow the requirements of the customers as well as standard formatting rules. We guarantee that all aspects of your format will be addressed. We have tremendous experience in both writing and formatting such papers as term papers, dissertations, research papers, essays, coursework, etc. Besides, we can help you regardless of order complexity, topic, and subject.

Format My Application Essay for Me, Please

If you need a professional college essay formatting service, you should contact us and say, Format my application essay for me. Our services will help you get what you want. We guarantee high-quality service delivery and completion of work without problems. The papers formatted by us will be delivered on time and will meet the requirements of our customers.

Format my admission essay – this simple request will ensure that your paper will be completed without problems. You may not worry about anything if you work with us. We will format your paper regardless of its complexity, length, formatting style, etc. We are aware of the latest changes in formatting styles and there is no chance that we will deliver paper formatted in an outdated formatting style. Get professional essay formatting help now to be successful!

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