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Discussion boards as an instrument of the teaching process is a growing trend among college and university professors that has proven to be both effective and daunting to deal with. This article will walk you through the basic terms related to the discussion board posts and provide helpful advice.

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College Message Board

Many educational institutions have turned towards forums as an instrument of communication between students and professors, as well as a new approach to the written assignments. One of the most famous websites of this type is Post blackboard

How to Answer Threaded Discussion Questions?

Read the question carefully to understand what is expected and pay attention to the verbs used in the task. Browse through previous threads to look for sample discussion board responses to get you inspired and give you some sort of insight. You can also check out your syllabus for additional information sources and literature recommendations.

How to Write an Effective Discussion

There is no ultimate "success" recipe for those who are looking for some; however, we have some useful advice on how to write an effective discussion post. It is important to remember that almost every blackboard discussion board tutorial will be looking pretty much the same:

  1. Stick to the Subject

While it is so tempting for many people to change the subject, bring something-they-believe-to-be relevant up, your best choice would be staying on the subject and focusing on the question that was asked.

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  1. Analyze Available Data and Old Threads

If you can get your hands on information from previous years or classes that have already passed this course, find out more about what your professor would like to read, which ideas were more successful, and which failed. While this may seem like unethical behavior to somebody, we would call it a smart move to succeed.

  1. Let Others Do Something

If you know a lot about the subject and would love to give a long and detailed answer, you should not do this. Instead, wait for people to post obvious and easy-to-find things and spice things up with some extra details or unexpected points of view. This way you will still let others post something and will get yourself some extra credits for unconventional information.

  1. Choose Formal Expressions

Even though this seems like a regular forum, you still are required to use formal English and construct full sentences in order to make it look like academic writing.

  1. Edit, Proofread and Cross Out Anything Personal

While posts for different messaging boards, social media, or forums have a significant level of empathy and personal touch giving them the feeling of authenticity, it may be better not to use them in discussion board posts meant for your academic course. Watch out for mistakes, typos, and informal collocations. You may well need some professional editing help.

  1. Get Engaged in the Discussion

It is extremely important to remember that active participation is one of the keys to success, so pay attention to what others post. Provide suggestions, get new ideas, bring examples, and make sure to stick to the subject.

How to Post on a Forum

Once you have written the discussion post, you have to upload it onto the online message board. Even though this may seem simple, make sure you triple-check everything. Re-read the question and instructions once more, making sure there were no amendments from your professor since the last time you have checked. Next, quickly go through the responses your classmates have already posted. Contingent upon the results, you either post your response or update it to fit the discussion thread.

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If you see that your response duplicates someone else"s idea, make the remark, instead of simply ignoring the fact has already been mentioned. Before you send your post, check once more for mistakes, typos, and inappropriate formatting. Or just get someone to edit and proofread your paper. Yes, you may edit your post later, but it is similar to writing on white message boards, someone will see what you have written before you can erase it.

Bonus: How to Write a Discussion Question Addressed to Your Fellow Students?

While your main goal is to create a successful answer to a discussion question, you may well spend some time creating a good question to address to other students. Read their answers carefully looking for either inconsistency. Be polite, keep conversation formal, and do not forget to tag the person who is supposed to answer the question.

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