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While EssaysWriters.com prides itself in creating original, custom written works of every type for students, at any level of study, and in any content field, we are pleased that we have developed an entire array of services to meet the wide variety of student need.  Thus, we will assist with any portion of a work, such as research, sections of theses, chapters of dissertations, proposals, etc.  As well, we have designed a specific option for those who have completed written works but who need a professional and academic review of the piece, in order to ensure that it is worthy of a superior grade or approval, once submitted.

Two-Phase Editing Process at EssaysWriters.com

1. Spelling, Mechanics, Grammar Usage, Sentence Structure

While most students use Microsoft Word and its spelling and grammar applications, they should be aware that, first, not all of the grammar errors and suggestions are actually correct, and second, these apps will not pick up the differences between formal and informal language usage, variations of sentence structure, and even paragraph divisions – all critical aspects of academic writing.  As well, some minor nuances, such as the use of semi-colons rather than commas or periods, are not picked up by the grammar app.  Our English experts will comb through your work, looking at sentence structure, usage issues, and improvements to be made in both language and structure.  The goal is to revise how you have presented your content, not the content itself.

2. Organizational Structure, Content Presentation, Fluency, Coherency, Research Analysis

For this aspect of review, you need an academician in your subject field, and EssaysWriters.com provides such an individual for content and structure review.  This individual will possess an appropriate graduate degree in your subject field and will review every bit of your work for a variety of aspects – overall organization, introduction and conclusion, data gathering and analysis, fluency and coherency of presentation, and a thorough analysis of the research you have completed and the methods by which you have presented and analyzed that research.  Often, these experts locate research resources that may be vital to your content but that you have not utilized.  Again, your reviewer will communicate these issues with you, and you will have the opportunity to review what they have found and suggestions they have made, prior to approval and alteration of anything in your work.

Whether you are concerned about a basic 5-paragraph essay or a dissertation, we have the reviewers and editors that can accomplish an objective review of your piece and make suggestions for changes that you may or may not wish to implement.  The point is, you are often emotionally involved in your own work, and an objective professional review is exactly the means by which you may enhance your finished product and, indeed, achieve a better grade or committee approval.

Let EssaysWriters.com provide the experts you need for an objective review.  The process is simple – go to our Order Form page and submit your need details.  If you have questions, or feel the need to discuss your issues with someone, contact our customer support department via phone, email or live chat.  Someone will always be available to you!

Discounts and Guarantees

We have a wide array of discounts, even for new customers.  Please talk with one of our customer service representatives about our great flexibility in this respect.

We want our customers to be fully satisfied with our review and editing process and results.  If, for any reason, you are not completely satisfied with the work our editors have completed for you, please contact us in order to receive a complete refund.

Trust your work to the professionals at EssaysWriters.com.  We have the history, the expertise, and the customer service you expect for you money!

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