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The first step in applying to the college is writing an admission essay. If you want an essay to be perfect, you should use admissions essay editing services, which guarantee a successful application. In order to write a good college admission essay, you need to know the definition of such type of paper, its purpose, elements, and structure. Therefore, before asking for assistance searching “how to write my admission essay”, check the basic information, which may help you to apply to the college of your dream.

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Defining an Admission Essay


Our college application essay editing service defined a college admission essay as a personal statement where you have an opportunity to introduce yourself and offer the college admissions committee to get to know you better, to distinguish you from anonymous school grades and academic achievements. Writing a personal statement is a standard part of the admissions process.


The main purpose of the application essay is to present your personality to the admissions officers. This is the final stage of your application. Admission officers have to check thousands of candidates, and most of them have similar academic achievements and grades. When choosing one applicant among three or four candidates, the admissions officers pay attention to personal statements. Reading such statements, they focus on the writing style and the information, the content. Only sincere, exciting, and perfectly structured admission essays are accepted.


However, before shifting to the discussion of the structure of an admission essay, it is necessary to consider the elements you should include in your personal statement. The first element of an admission essay is your introduction. Tell who you are and where you are from. No need to deepen into the details; this basic information gives an admissions committee an understanding of who you are as a student. Each admission essay is a story, your personal story why you have decided to select this particular profession and to choose this exact college for application.

It is important to give specific examples. You may write about your childhood, which forced you to choose this specialization, or some particular event, which had a considerable impact on your choice. You may highlight people or events that influenced your decision. It is important to be sincere and honest. An admissions committee has read thousands of personal statements, and they clearly see where a student discusses some personal experience or resorts to the ideas taken from the Internet.

You are not the only one who will search for the best admission essays examples online, mind it. A final statement is the last element in your essay. All the information you have written in a personal statement should be summarized in a couple of sentences and be the result of what you have written. In other words, the final statement should logically come out of the whole essay.


Admission Essay Structure

The elements of a college commission essay set the structure of the paper. Even though there is no strict structure of a personal statement, there is a logical sequence of ideas, which helps to build an essay.

In the introduction, you present yourself and set the tone of your essay depicting its purpose, why you are going to write it, and which results in you are going to achieve with this piece in the first paragraph. Keep in mind that an admission officer decides whether to continue reading here.

In the first body paragraph, you should justify your choice of a program and a college. Support the information with facts, events, and personal examples. In the second body paragraph, you may tell your story with the reference to your background and a topic you have selected for writing an admission essay. In the third body paragraph, you should mention your goals and skills you have in order to achieve those.

Your essay should end with the conclusion where you summarize what you have written and logically come to the final statement, why an admission committee should accept your candidacy, how you can contribute to the college you have selected.

Tips from College Application Essay Editing Service

Write Accepted Admission Essay in 3 Steps

If you have decided to work on your college admission essay without assistance from professional personal statement editing services, you should refer to some writing tips offered by our qualified writers. Each of the steps offered below is used by our writers, who are ready to share their knowledge and skills with you.

  1. Resort to brainstorming; write down all the topics. It is really important to understand what topic you will discuss, because no topic may make your paper unfocused and unclear.
  2. Select the topic that resonates with your feelings; make sure that you can discuss the selected topic with passion for many hours as only in this case your admission essay will be sincere. Some of the strong general topics you may choose are as follows:
  • personal talent and/or background if you have something particular to discuss;
  • lessons learned from the situations and/or obstacles on the way to reaching your goal;
  • a point or idea you have questioned and which outcomes it has led to;
  • the event which led to your personal growth; how it has changed you;
  • the most engaging activity you have;
  • the changes you have undergone or plan to experience.
  1. Make sure that you can support the selected topic with personal examples and offer your unique story; otherwise, the paper will be general and not interesting for reading. The admission committee seeks individuality in your writing.
  2. Remember that writing about your emotions is fine. Such an approach will help an admission officer to see you beyond the lines.
  3. Never stop on one draft. You may write several papers on one and the same topic or try to write essays on different topics. It is a good idea to start as early as you can to write several variants and have some time to read those, write, and rewrite to have an ideal final version
  4. Remember that the final version is still not the paper you will send. Check the written paper in a couple of days; you are sure to make some changes, see some flows, or offer new ideas.
  5. Give the essay for anyone else to read. It would be great if your essay is checked by our best proofreading service. Our professional writers can proofread the paper for mistakes and edit some sentences and ideas ensuring that the final version is perfect.

Major Common Mistakes in Admission Essays

Admission Essay Mistakes to Avoid

Even though an admission essay is a common and a spread task, there are some major mistakes that students usually make. These mistakes are similar from year to year. The best way to avoid these mistakes is to order our best college essay editing service. However, if you have decided to complete the final stage of essay writing yourself, mind the following mistakes and do not repeat them as it may cost you an application:

  1. Sending the same essay to all the colleges you apply to or using general templates found online. Templates are usually easily identified. As for an essay, each college is unique and the reasons for applying to this or that college should also differ. You have more chances to be accepted if you refer to some particular features of a college in your essay and do not use some standard phrases.
  2. Focusing on the topic without disclosing personal identity. Let an admissions officer get to know you and see your character and personal qualities beyond the lines of your paper. You should find the balance between discussing your achievements and boasting only.
  3. Being too formal. An admission essay does not require scientific language and the use of terms. Moreover, such style of writing will definitely fail as an admission essay is your story, which requires the first person, your emotions, and some personal examples. However, you should also avoid using jargon and clichés; this is not a common letter to a friend or a relative.
  4. Repeating the same ideas and information from other documents. You must have already sent a CV or another document which indicates your major achievements. No need to repeat this information in your admission essay.
  5. Boasting the success you have not achieved. It may sound obvious, but it is important to repeat this point: never exaggerate your success.
  6. Omitting proves. You must always clarify all the points and use facts to prove your statements not to leave the questions. For example, saying that you were a volunteer requires the dates, the time, and the place to allow the reader to check this information.
  7. Using lengthy descriptions with numerous details. Providing details is important. However, you should not be wordy and make unnecessary statements and repeat yourself

Thus, you may see that an admission essay is a special text, which does not only show who an applicant is, but also refers to his/her critical thinking skills, knowledge in the field, and creativity.

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College Essay Proofreading Service

Some students do not refer to college essay proofreading services because they are sure of personal writing competence and may not see it reasonable to pay for a grammar check. However, professional essay editing help does not refer to grammar check only. One of the major purposes of such services is to check the content and edit the meaning if it is required. Our talented writers can offer a new perspective on your achievements and select better wording for the ideas you have written.

Thus, editing services are not limited by grammar check only; we are ready to assist you in rewriting and reworking your information along with offering new ideas. Admission essay is a unique paper, and you cannot find the answers to your personal statements online. The best essays are written from within, with your soul and emotions. We are the service that may help you find the proper words in expressing what you think professionally.

Benefits of Using Online College Admission Essay Editing Services

Our college admission essay editing services are leading in providing custom writing services. You will definitely proofread your paper if you want to ensure the top quality of an admission essay. You may do it yourself, ask your parents or friends, or delegate this job to professional services. If you choose to use our professional essay editing help, you may expect to get the following services:

  1. Grammar and Spelling Check

Our professional writers always proofread the papers to eliminate any possible errors. Thus, receiving a paper from our service you may expect that it does not contain misspells, wrong prepositions and articles, or incorrect verb tenses.

  1. Punctuation Correction

Punctuation rules may raise serious concern. If you are the one who has issues with commas, semicolons, and dashes, our college essay editors are ready to assist you.

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  1. Syntax and Vocabulary Choice

You may have brilliant ideas, but at the same time, you may have issues in expressing these ideas in sentences. If you doubt that your sentences are clear and properly developed, we are ready to help and present your ideas concisely, logically, and clearly.

  1. Logical Flow and Consistency Arrangement

The choice of a proper tone is essential. If you have problems differentiating between conversational and academic tones, we are here to help you. Our writers will deliver your message in a proper professional voice.

  1. Style Adherence

Some colleges and universities expect you to follow some particular citation styles, such as APA, MLA, or Harvard. If you have issues in complying with those, we are ready to ensure that the required style is precisely followed.

College Essay Review Services

Placing an order with our college essay review services you start working only with experienced and certified editors and writers. We hire Master’s and Ph.D. writers and editors, as we understand that the quality of your admission essays must be perfect. No mistake is possible. Hiring our editors and writers to satisfy your needs in editing, proofreading, rewriting, or revision, you hire a top professional, who will follow all your requirements and will apply their professionalism and experience to send a top-quality paper.

Moreover, after your admission essay will be accepted, you will definitely return to us for college essay help as also assist in writing academic essays, research papers, articles, research proposals, dissertations, and other works you may need while studying.

College Application Essay Editor

College Application Essay Editor

Choosing our college application essay editor for assistance, you may expect that your paper will be proofread for mistakes. At the same time, you may also wait for more services offered by our writers and editors. When you send us a request “edit my college essay for application”, we assign you a specialist, which can also make some suggestions regarding paper content.

Our professional writers make offers on how to improve your paper, which genuine ideas to include, how to structure your thoughts, and which points may sound too general and ordinary. One of the main goals of our writers is to make your paper unique and appealing to the admissions committee.

College Essay Consultant of Your Dream

Many students dream of having a college essay consultant, who may assist them with personal statement writing and editing. Your dreams may come true with us, because we are one of the best graduate essay writing services, which may help you correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation, adhere your paper to the academic tone, properly communicate your strengths, and ensure consistency throughout the whole essay.

MBA Essay Editing Service

Looking for a top MBA essay editing service, you need the best company. We are the one you are looking for because the guarantees we offer support our serious intentions. We are responsible for the products we provide. Therefore, Premier Essays Writers are the company which can offer you the following guarantees, which will remove any doubts, if any:

  • We guarantee refunds if the paper is not properly written or not provided on time. We hire only professional writers, who will definitely satisfy your needs.
  • We guarantee the authenticity of your papers. Each paper is written from scratch. Our writers use their creativity and critical thinking for writing papers and never copy anything from the web. All papers are checked for plagiarism to ensure original content.
  • We guarantee confidentiality. Ordering college admissions assistance in our company you may expect that no information we gather from you will be delivered to third parties. The payment is provided through authentic financial institutions that guarantee safe transfers. Thus, we do not have any payment information you provide in the process of paying for your services. Some private sensitive data such as your email, phone number, or name is also properly kept.
  • We guarantee professional editors. We hire MA and Ph.D. writers and editors with serious academic backgrounds and credentials. Moreover, when assigning your orders we search for writers specialized in your field of interest.
  • We guarantee affordable prices. The prices we offer for the services on our site are flexible, and you can easily set the price you are ready to pay. The price for the order depends on several aspects, such as the academic level, the deadline, the number of pages, and the number of additional services you select. Thus, you may choose different options and see how the price changes. After the price is set, it remains fixed; no additional charges are taken further.
  • We guarantee online support 24/7. We work round the clock for you. Thus, no matter when you have decided to order a college essay editor service, you may expect that our support agents will assist you and assign an editor or writer ready to satisfy your needs.

Therefore, by choosing our college essay proofreader you select not only a professional in the field but a highly experienced writer who is ready to meet your needs and provide the guarantees the company offers. We are professionals and we do not fear to offer a money-back if you do not like our services as we know our customers like what we do and return to us.

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