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You Need Expert Writing Help – Has it!! is a “matchmaker,” not for romantic relationships, but for students in need of essay writing help and credentialed academicians who can provide that essay writing help for them. Instead of “matches made in heaven,” you get matches made right here on earth, in the form of essay writing help for any type of academic writing you may need.

Order now provides essay writing help to busy students from high school through doctorate programs by matching student needs with appropriately degreed writers on any topic. Our writing help includes everything from a basic essay assigned by a high school English teacher to the culminating thesis or dissertation of a graduate student. To do this, we have, within our organization, a large number of professional researchers and writers who stand ready to produce what students need.

Once a student completes an order with, giving all of the salient details of the writing project, we post this project to the appropriate writers. For example, if an undergraduate student needs a research paper on Gandhi’s impact on peaceful resistance, we will contact all writers with a Master’s or Ph.D. in history and/or political science. Once an appropriate writer responds positively, we contact the student, request payment, and notify the writer to begin.

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A personal account is set up for each student, so that the writer may request additional detail, or so that the student may provide additional requirements and specifications to the writer. As the process continues, the writer may provide drafts of sections, may report progress made so far, etc., and the customer may present any questions or issues either to the writer or to our customer service department. also maintains a team of editors who provide a final review and proofreading, as well as a sophisticated technological scan for plagiarism on every work produced under our name. We simply will not tolerate anything but the highest quality of original work to pass through our doors to a customer who is relying upon us to deliver what we promise!

Our prices are nothing like most academic writing services that charge a set amount per page, no matter what the type of work ordered. This does not appear to be reasonable or fair to us. A high school student in need of a college admissions or a scholarship essay will not be charged the same amount of a doctoral student in need of a comprehensive literature review for his/her dissertation. At the same time, a customer with an urgent deadline will pay more than a similar customer with a month to spare. We are not a cheap service, because we must do what is right and ethical for both our customers and our writers.

Our essay writing help has become so popular and trusted that almost half of our original customers return to us for additional works. No other service can boast this percentage, because they do not consistently deliver the quality and the service that we do.

Don’t waste your time and money on inferior writing services. You will end up with something you cannot ultimately use – it will be badly written, cut and pasted, or plagiarized, and you will be re-writing into the wee hours of the morning just to have something to submit! Trust, the one service that has stood the test of time!

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