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If you find yourself developing anxiety about essays, papers, a thesis or dissertation, perhaps it is time to contact a writing agency that can provide essay writing sample writers who can help. There are large numbers of online writing services that will offer the expertise of essay writing sample writers, and some of them are genuine and trustworthy. They have professional and degreed writers who actually take the time to create original works which are placed in the site’s database for student purchase. Still others take specialized orders from individual clients, so that their professional writers can produce customized writing works for them.

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We also must warn students that there are a multitude of unethical and dishonest writing agencies to be found all over the web. These scoundrels set up a site, promise to deliver original, wonderfully written works, produced by the best essay writing sample writers, in order to serve the needs of the English-speaking college and university student. In fact, these sites are fully fraudulent, employing individuals from third-world countries. These employees go into free databases of academic writing and plagiarize pieces from various works, blending them together in an incoherent, dis-organized fashion. What the student receives is completely unsatisfactory and, worse, plagiarized. Submission of these assignments will result in an “F” grade or worse!

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There are some basic criteria that will provide clues about a writing service, and student should look for these following important items:

  • Does the agency provide a number of ways to make contact? There should be a telephone number answered by a live person, in addition to email and submission of order forms
  • How does the site look? Is the writing in proper English?
  • Does the agency offer a customer service department that is always available and that responds quickly? If you have concerns about this, call customer service and see how rapid the response time is.
  • Try to conduct a “Google” or other engine search, in order to see if there are reviews of the service by other users. If someone has been “scammed” by a service, s/he may have posted something about it.

At, we take pride in our record of serving students throughout the English-speaking world. Originally begun in the UK in 2005, we have expanded our service to the U.S., Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, and serve college/university and graduate and professional school students, as they attempt to meet all of the academic writing work requirements from multiple courses. We are a full service writing agency and can provide the following with originality and quality:

  • We have a huge team of essay writing sample writers who continually produce original academic works in their professional and academic fields, including essays, research papers, theses, book reviews, dissertation chapters, business plans, and case studies. Students are welcome to browse our database to locate and purchase relevant works.
  • We offer custom writing services and have the writing staff to produce original, creative, and academically-solid works of all types and at all levels of academic study. In this case, the student completes a detailed order form, receives an assigned researcher/writer, and communicates directly with that writer throughout the process.
  • We provide customer support 24 hours a day in order to serve any time zone and any student who may have an urgent need, day or night

We know there are other online writing services that are as professional and as ethical as we are. We also believe that we have set the standard for excellence in writing services and welcome your inquiries, no matter what the need!

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