Essay written in third person

An essay written in third person, as well as all research works, is the most common form of academic writing. Occasionally, when a student is asked to write a narrative or an opinion paper, the first person will be used, but, other than those two specific assignments, the third person will most often be required.

An essay written in third person can be filled with grammatical errors, if a student is not well versed in the requirements for formal third person writing. For example, if a student is completing an analysis of Juliet’s soliloquy from her balcony, s/he might write, “When you first read the conversation Juliet is having with herself, you might think she is asking where Romeo is.” The writer has used the impersonal “you,” which is a major flaw in formal English. The “you” must be changed to “one,” so that the sentence reads, “When one first reads the conversation Juliet is having with herself, s/he might think she is asking where Romeo is.”  This is only one tiny example of the larger picture of an essay written in third person, and a vast number of students, even in graduate programs, are unaware of all of the “ins and outs” of “third person.”

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In addition to the formal grammatical expectations, an essay written in third person, indeed, all academic third person writing, requires strict organizational structure, coherent presentation of information and data, and compelling introductions and conclusions. Only academicians who themselves have vast experience in the formalities of academic writing of all types are able to successfully assist students when they struggle with such work.

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