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Twelve Angry Men is based on a short teleplay that was produced around the time of Civil Rights Movement along with the  Brown vs. Board of Education decision passed in 1954 and the Montgomery Bus Boycott of 1956.  Since then “Twelve Angry Men ” has been produced in any format you can think of, it was adapted for stage performance in 1964 for the first time, it was adopted to be a movies 1n 1957 and later again in 1997, in 2004 it was introduced to the Broadway stage. In addition there were movies adopted in other countries to this scenario.

The plot of the movie revolves around 12 jurors, who after the court hearing have to come to a verdict on a murder case. They are presented with the murder case where teenage boy allegedly killed his abusive father and fled the scene.  When the initial vote is taken it is revealed that one person voted innocent when other eleven people voted guilty. These eleven people are convinced that they boy is guilty, or simply sure enough of it. The man who voted innocent is convinced that the evidence in this case is circumstantial and he does not believe that the boy has committed this crime. This person, the Juror 8 , starts debating over the evidence and facilitating the discussion in order to give the boy the benefit of the doubt. The movie pictures the long process of learning why people voted guilty,  and the reasons why did they change their mind.  Everybody had some personal issue that has been pushing them to vote one way or another and we see, what makes them tick, what makes them change their vote.  One man has broken relationship with his son, so for him this feels real. Another man was ready to vote either one way or another, whichever gets him to his game that he has tickets for. The Juror 8 is the only person who came unbiased and with his argument showed the other jurors that not everything should be taken at face value. In the end the information whether the boy is really guilty or innocent remains unknown, the most important thing is that he got his chance at life.

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The movie “12 Angry Men” was produced again in 1997. However new director had to compromise between the old script and reality. The whole reason why the movie is called “12 Angry Men” is that the dozen of jurors were all white men. In 1957 that wan not only possible but also the rule, in 1997, the year of the latest production of the movie, this scenario is simply impossible.  However, in order to be consistent with the original scenario and the idea of the movie the director went with twelve men only, however, there are representatives of different ethnic and racial minorities. Also the judge in the latest movie is an Afro- American woman In the United States of America the decision of jurors after the hearings of criminal cases has to be unanimous.

This movie is famous, there are productions in different countries, it is shown in schools and universities. There are so many things that one can learn from this movie. The movie “12 Angry Man” portrays human nature at its best. People are so wrapped up in their own issues  that they don’t care about anyone else, they don’t care that their desire to go to the game  might cost person a life. This movie was urgent back in 1957,  it still hits the right spot forty years later, and I believe it will still be  well understandable and appreciated another forty years from now.

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