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Pickering seeks to identify the influence and the relevance of personal testimony on the feminist theory to explain the function of women voices in the formulation of abortion policies. Traditional argument theorists do not value personal testimony as a ground for an argument. However, feminine argument theorists and scholars have found personal testimonies and experiences as a means of producing evidence, knowledge and understanding.


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 A feminist style of argument can better explain the function of women’s voices in public policy discussions on abortion.

Argument approach

It is clear that Pickering argues from a feminine rhetoric point of view. Pickering tries to assert on the importance of personal experience and testimony, which are used to draw generalized conclusions. However, he asserts that it is vital to examine tradition argumentation theory, in order to establish the link between this theory and the modern the feminist theory. He points out how feminist theorists use experience as a form of evidence to proof their argument.

Article’s Conclusions

According to Pickering, the two different entities in this issue use different approaches to try and justify their means of approaching the issue. It is evident that their arguments are not meant to convince the opposing parties, but to justify their positions. Pickering argues that personal experiences in the form of women’s voices are vital in argumentation theory as a means of proof if feminist theories can make people understand arguments in public policies.

Nature of Argument

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Pickering points out to the people on the importance of personal testimonies in voicing the argument for women. He asserts that subjective evidence is vital in an argument, especially for people whose voices may not be heard. Personal testimony plays a central role in an argument. He tells us that the purpose of personal testimony helps to transform a private matter into a public matter. He asserts that the purpose of an argument is to legitimize and proof a point. An argument is intended to reinforce the positions a group of scholars holds. The key objective of an argument is not to register a victory or a loss, but to reinforce or justify a point.  

Strengths and Weaknesses

It is crucial to note that the article by Pickering is fantastic, and has defended the idea of the relevance of personal testimony substantially. He explains how personal testimonies by women are crucial in arguments relating to abortion policies. He asserts that personal testimony is crucial in situations where women voices have been marginalized and use their testimonies to act as witnesses (Pickering 2003, p 18). According to Pickering, personal testimony forms the evidence for an argument. He cites the testimonies, which were given by women in the films Personal Decision and Abortion Denied to reinforce the importance of personal testimony and experience to proof a point.

However, the article by Pickering appears long and cumbersome to read. If it was shorter, the message could have been easy to read and quick to comprehend. Legitimizing the relevance of personal women testimonies means that the conclusions are generalized for all women in society. This is not always true, and the conclusions might be misleading. It is evident that Pickering has tried to show how both traditional theorists and the feminist theorists have proved their points.

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