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Obviously, while writing an essay, one should be careful with each of its parts, but, special attention is always paid to the introduction and particularly to the thesis statement. In my opinion, the introduction of the essay under analysis lacks coherency and contains too many unnecessary details about the plot of the story. It is clear from the thesis statement that the author is going to speak about Minnie’s character changes, but the sentence itself could have been made more logical and gripping.

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Unlike the introduction, the main body of the essay is well-developed. Each new paragraph is introduced according to the ideas in the thesis statement. Another strong point is the author’s reasoning – he gives many apt quotes from the text, so it is obvious that his conclusions are logical and based on the text. Next, the author is good at interpreting the themes of the story. He finds the connection between Minnie’s clothes and her mood, between patchwork and her inner world. The most important symbol in the story was definitely the canary which represented Minnie’s love for music and maybe even everything beautiful she wanted to have in her life. So, it is no wonder that the death of the bird pushed Minnie to murder.

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However, the persuasive force of the essay is insufficient. The writer tries to interpret Minnie’s character, but it would be better to concentrate more on her feelings and the motives of murder. The author’s tactics make the understanding of the story incomplete, for the reader of the essay does not realize why she resorted to killing her husband, rather than, for example, discussing the problem with him. As to the end of the essay, it is quite good, since it summarizes its main points and corresponds to the thesis statement. So, on the whole, the essay lacks persuasive force, but is well-written and has good reasoning.

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