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HealthSouth Corporation

HealthSouth Corporation is the largest healthcare provider in United States of America. The organization is headquartered in Alabama. HealthSouth operates in more than twenty-five countries across the U.S. It specializes in rehabilitation of patients suffering from various chronic diseases such as stroke and spinal cord injuries. The hospital handles both in-patient and outpatient clients.

Demographic Factors

Due to the rapid increase in American population, HealthSouth has experienced plausible  increase in number of patients in handles every year. Medical records at HealthSouth indicate that the patient base has increased by more than seven percent annually for the last three years. This increase in patient base has been attributed to nationwide operations of the hospital as well as provision of high quality and specialized healthcare services to the patients. According to Schulte (2010), HealthSouth has a network one hundred inpatient hospitals, thirty satellite clinics and more than twenty five home-based healthcare agencies.

However, due to the rapid increase in patient base, HealthSouth has been faced by various challenges such as increased need to hire more physicians. For example, Schulte (2010) estimates that HealthSouth employs more than sixty thousand people every year within its facilities. Additionally, the corporation has nearly fifteen thousand.

Moreover, the increase in patient base has resulted into admission of patients with diverse cultural and socio-economic backgrounds who demand for more specialized services. Furthermore, increase in patient resulted in need for more staff members and physicians. Further increase in population would thus pose more challenges to the organization.

Legislative Factors

HealthSouth Corporation, like other healthcare providers, is subject to extensive regulation by government agencies at federal and state levels, for example, it has to comply with healthcare requirements set by the Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) and the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) (Rovner, 2011).

In my view, long-term effects of stringent regulation would be beneficial for HealthSouth corporations because fewer entrants into the healthcare industry would gain entry, hence resulting into less competition.

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Socioeconomic Factors

Due to its nationwide operations, HealthSouth corporation has been faced with the  problem of increasing number of patients. HealthSouth has been experiencing increasing number of patients due to high quality and specialized services it provides.

Garwood-Gowers, Tingle and Wheat (2011) estimates that HealthSouth is the largest hospital in U.S. that provides rehabilitation services to patients suffering from chronic disease such as stroke, brain damage and spinal cord injuries.

Despite this success, HealthSouth may experience difficulties in the long-run if it does not plan properly on how to adjust so as to meet the increasing demand for healthcare services, for example, increase in ageing population depicts that there shall be need for more specialized services tailored for the elderly patients.

Organizational Factors

HealthSouth corporation is headed by the chief executive officer who is also the president. Other senior officers of the corporation such as the chief financial officer (CFO), chief operating officer and chief medical officer (CMO) report directly to the president. One of the major human resource policies of HealthSouth Corporation is to ensure efficient recruitment and retention of a highly qualified workforce that would assist the organization in achieving its goal of providing high quality healthcare services. According to Jay Grinney, CEO of HealthSouth Corporation, training and development of employees has been one of their priorities that has enabled them remain competitive in the healthcare industry. He further asserts that maintaining a pool of competent staff members has greatly contributed towards the success of HealthSouth in the medical industry.

Service Delivery and Technological Factors

The success of HealthSouth Corporation can also be attributed to the diversity in services it provides. According to Milstead (2009), HealthSouth has been rolling out new services that are in line with evolving practice and advances in medicine to the clients. For example, in mid 2009, the corporation digitalized most of services thereby creating a digital hospital in order to increase its services delivery to the clients. HealthSouth Corporation has also acquired new medical equipment in order to facilitate its service delivery. According to the Chief Executive Officer, the corporation also purchased new medical equipment so as to enable it provide high quality services at cheap prices. Adoption of new technologies such as computerized information systems for managing health records and the digital hospital would result into cost reduction in the corporation.

Current Economic Factors

Various economic factors such as inflation, increased unemployment and economic policies adopted by the federal government have negatively affected the operations of HealthSouth Corporation. For example, the corporation has not been able to secure financial aid from Medicaid for a period of 2 years. This has negatively affected its financial position. This has forced the company to finance its operations by revenues earned.

I would conclude that it is important for HealthSouth Corporation to adequate measures to ensure that it remains competitive in the evolving medical industry. This would entails adequate forecasting of future market trends as well as prior planning that spans for a period of five to ten years.

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