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In this particular case the police investigator has to collect all possible and necessary information and evidences. This information and evidences have to be relevant to the crime which occurred. These evidences can include fingerprints, blood samples or other samples which include DNA-information. Having collected all evidences and other information which can be needed, police investigator has to interview both wife and husband and search if some other witnesses are to appear.

Generally, the police investigation is to follow “official guidance” which is connected to the Criminal Code and leads the work and process of the investigations. In our case police investigator has to interview victim to understand how exactly she had got hurt. This will help to create a crime scene and understand what samples of DNA and from which parts of the victim’s body are to be collected. There is a need to take photos of bruises as well (i.e. in case if there will be a need to show them in court).

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In this case, basing on the accusations made by wife, husband can maximum be detained for 24 hours (Criminal Justice Act, 1984). During this detention, police inspector can interrogate husband, bringing his close to confession. He learns the body language, gestures and mimicry od the suspect, making it is easier to find a proper contact and get better results. In the case that husband will not confess or there will be no direct evidences which would prove that exactly husband made bruises his wife, he (husband) is to be freed. However, if evidences of husband’s guilt are found, the case must be forwarded to the further institutions.

Moreover, even until the results of the investigation are known, there is a need to err. That is why there is a need to inform wife that she can apply for a protection order. It is important step as in case that the wife was hurt by a husband she can forget about it or the procedure of it is unclear for our victim.

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