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Linda C. Mayes in her article “Understanding Adaptive Processes in a Developmental Context: A Reappraisal of Hartmann's Problem of Adaptation” discusses the issue of adaptation and the role it plays in the life of a child. The article first discusses the previously existing views of adaptability and then moves on to redefining the concept a bit and highlighting some of the issues related to it.

The author talks about Hartman’s theory of adaptation and the questions that are raised based on its definition. The theory talks about vicissitudes of adaptation at different time periods, the concept of an average environment that the child develops in, and the view of the adaptation as a state and as a process. However, she then goes to outline three major dilemmas that this theory entails, asking question of what happens if adaptation server functions outside of those outlined by Hartmann or in situations that deviate from the expected normal environment.

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The arguments throughout the article support the notion that a complete understanding of adaptive processes is important for having a clear picture of children growing in adverse situations. This also has important implications for educational, psychological, and sociological frameworks that would be used addressing those children.

The article inevitably raises some questions because of the importance of the topic discussed in it. The issues are still relevant nowadays as people try to incorporate psychological knowledge into education program and everyday life. One question to ask is how the educator’s role would differ in relation to children developing in the adverse environments on the one hand and those growing in the average expected environments on the other. Together with that, the second question is the extent to which adverse environments can influence a child’s ego and how the negative impact can be minimized.

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