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It is my pleasure to apply for admission as a student in your renowned graduate school for social work. I am currently serving as an intern at a flushing hospital under a casual license which is for alcohol and substance abuse as a counselor. I have also finished my high school examination and I had an outstanding performance in the final examination especially in social science and arts subjects.  

Earning a college degree in social work will be one of greatest achievements in my life. This is because apart from giving you advance in knowledge it also the degree also equips individuals with skills required to work in the dynamic field of social work. Despite the fact that this form of education presents a major challenge of how to work practically I will be glad to take this bold step and join the program because it will give me an opportunity to interact with people of various categories, social class, age, culture and backgrounds.

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Because of my absolute desire towards earning my degree I worked hard in my fall examination which enabled me to acquire excellent grades. This performance encouraged me to review my career aspirations. In deed at my early ages I intended to study theology and I knew pursuing it demanded a hardworking, self directed and motivated person. Instead I enrolled in development Studies College for two months where, I experienced a different world opening in my career life.

The two months in this college gave an opportunity to have a different view about social work. It was during this period that I interacted with different organizations, dealing with other social workers and therefore I developed a passion to work in such environment. After completing the short course I joined as an intern at a truth company which brings awareness about the affects of cigarettes. This organization gave me yet another opportunity to realize the importance of working as a social worker.

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After working in that company for two months I applied another internship at a flushing hospital for casual license which is for alcohol and substance abuse counselor. The aim of this internship program was to enhance my knowledge in social work and explore my capabilities in dealing with people affected by alcohol and other substance abuse. This was one of the greatest opportunities i had during this period. My influence to these individuals was great and diverse. My success in this particular field was dependent on the approach I used during the counseling sessions.

The variations of work experience which I gained from the two organizations gave me a broad view of the opportunities available while working as a social worker.  They were also the major drivers which enabled me to change my career from theology to social work studies. I was convinced that pursuing graduate studies in social work would open up more opportunities in this field and enhance my knowledge in dealing with specific career based on social issues.

Being a continuing student I feel that my success in the previous studies lies in the fact that I approached my studies with lots of professionalism. I also worked closely to my tutors who I felt that were more qualified in my areas of interest. Again another important factor for my success was that I did not settle for low grades. During my studies I always wanted to improve my performance and examine areas which I needed to work hard. Through this I have been able to realize my areas of interest in social work especially counseling.

I choose to apply for admission in this school because of its national reputation coupled with good faculty organization of social work education. Because of the school culture of supporting academic excellence I strongly believe that pursuing my social work studies in this school will nurture my social work skills to a higher level. Besides all this features the school cultivates compassion for the students and therefore it presents a great opportunity for me to develop a brilliant career future as a social worker.

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