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It has been observed that a number of peoples still unaware with the fact that, how to invest in a companyís shares and they have scarcity of knowledge regarding the threats or benefit associated with their investment. In this report we will examine the value of the company British Airways through different analyzing approaches, like financial analysis, SWOT analysis and PEST analysis and try to excrete a meaningful result for our relevant members as well as the end users, who intend to invest in the said entity. I am sure that an enormous number of peoples are unaware with the above mentioned analyzing terminologies. To learn those peoples pertinently, we also has depicted a small introduction of these three integral above mentioned analysis tool. Letís see the organization first in a broader term to see its pros and cons from different aspects.


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Aircraft and Airline industries are on of the main assets of the countries to earn revenue. If we see the same, after applies on the economy of United Kingdom (UK) then we can say that British Airlines is one of the main source for them to viable the country economically. British Airways Plc is the national flag hauler of the UK, with its headquartering located in Waterside Harmondsworth in London. British Airways is the largest airline operates in the country according to the fleet size and according to the international and domestic flight as well.

The corporate history of the industry was very interesting as it because it had been formed on 1st September 1974 with the collaboration of four famous airlines companies of that time of UK. The four companies which were dissolved in March 1974 to shaped British Airways, and the name of the companies were British Overseas Airways Corporation (BOAC), British European Airways (BEA), Cambrian Airways Cardiff (CAC) and Northern Airlines Newcastle (NAN). The company owned by the government after its formation and all the revamps regarding the company was totally associated with government but in February 1987 the company was privatized. For over 26 years, the airline had a massive Boeing fleet, which was the main and solely resource to increase the bottom line of the airline, but the revolutionary era came in the late 90s as the in the year 1998 the company placed its first direct order for Aircraft Bus. Letís see some financial aspects of the British Airlines to examine our desirable result in a plausible manner.

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British Airways is listed in the London Stock Exchange and the airline has the owner to become a constituent of the FTSE 100 index. Until FY 2008, British Airways was the largest airline of the United Kingdom with respect to the quantitative figures or more precisely we can say, with respect to the amount of passengers. The airline carried 35.7 million passengers during the year 2008, which was the highest figure ever achieved by the British Airline in its corporate history. The extravaganzas and the customer orientations were continuously surging after the launching of the Airbus, which eventually helped to spur the earning potential of the airline dramatically.

British airline have won a number of awards on their excellence, from which the award was rewarded them in the year 2006 of airline won the Skytrax Airline of the year. The main rival of the British Airways is Easy Jet which is also engaged with the aviation business. In the year 2008 British airways enjoyed a remarkable quantity of passengers of over 35 million, but the trounce had just commenced for them when the Easy jet reported their passengers quantity which exceeded from 44.5 million and enjoyed the revenue pleasantly. We will compare the balance sheets of both the companies to analyze the better one. Before going in further details I want to elaborate my readers especially for those who doesnít have a finance background regarding the financial analysis, why it is been done, and what ratios we will use to analyze the financial health of our chosen company British Airways.

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