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A cross-sectional survey design will be used in the proposed study. In this method, data is collected at one point in time from a convenient sample selected to describe and represent an entire population. This design is most appropriate for this study because the method will give all alcohol consumers in the project area an equal chance of being selected for the survey. In addition, the use of the sample will speed up data collection, thus enabling the researcher to collect the information required in a short time frame. Through this design, alcohol consumption patterns, knowledge levels of alcohol consumers will be determined by interview schedule and focus group discussions which will be administered to the alcohol consumers.

The study will be carried out in Parramatta, Sydney the capital of the New South Wales. This is because apart from being the most cosmopolitan state in it is also the most populous in Australia.

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The target population will be the alcohol consumers in Parramatta.

The accessible population will be the alcohol consumers who aged between 18 to 35 years living in Sydney, Australia.

Any adult who confessed to drinking in the last 30 days or one who would drink every day and was aged 18 to 35 years

All those who were used to drinking but were drunk at the time of this research would be excluded from this study. Anyone aged 17 and below or 36 and above would be excluded from the study.

A survey conducted by the researcher found out that Parramatta has an average of 16,000 adults aged between 18 and 35 years. The researcher will randomly pick 1,000 which is 0.0625 percent (0.0625 %) of the target population. the total number of adults to be included in the study will therefore, be one thousand only.

Non-Random sampling technique will be used. This means that convenient sampling method will be applied. Study subjects accessible to the researcher were one thousand. The one thousand adults will be selected if found entering entertainment joints and asked if they are willing to be part of the study and if they had taken alcohol in the last 30 days.

Interview schedules will be administered to the alcohol consumers by the researcher. They will consist of close-ended questions to provide more structural responses and open-ended questions to provide for more in depth information. A focus group discussion guide (FGD) will be used to collect data on knowledge levels, alcohol practices and find out their experiences with alcohol. An interview schedule will be chosen because it allows probing through which the researcher can get more in depth information.

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The researcher and two-trained research assistants will collect data using the constructed interview schedule and focus group discussions. This is to ensure high completion rates and probe for complete answers were necessary. The researcher will explain the purpose of the study to assure respondents confidentiality and anonymity of information they give. Before the actual filed work, a researcher permit will be sought from the ministry of education to enable the researcher to collect data. Any targeted person will be approached, after the introduction, the purpose of the study will be explained and after permission is sought to interview them, they will be given the questionnaire. In groups of 4 to six, they will be allowed to discuss the questions in the focus group discussion questionnaire.

Two research assistants will be trained on the purpose of the study and on how to use the data collection tools to   hasten and ease the process of data collection.

Ethical clearance will be sought from the ministry of education and public health and medical services. The research purpose and protocols will be explained in detail to the participants who are the alcohol consumers. The study will seek a signed informed consent of the participant before undertaking the study (Appendix No.i). Confidentiality will be assured and maintained during and after the study. The data collected will be used for the purpose of the study only.

Data will be analyzed using the statistical package of social sciences (SPSS) program. Descriptive statistics such as means and standard deviations will be used to describe the various characteristics of the alcohol consumers in the study. Tables, frequencies, percentages and graphs will be used to present data. Pearson product moment correlation will be used to determine the direction and strength between dependent variables and independent variables present in the study. Chi-square will be used to test the relationship between categorical variables. Paired t-test will be used to determine if there is a significant difference between recommended daily amounts and actual amounts consumed. Simple regression analysis will be used to determine the effect of knowledge level to actual consumption of alcohol.

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