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Free Example of American Culture Essay

The European culture has a conservative and liberal thinking. They have there own culture, rituals and beliefs. The American culture is a mixture of European ideas and domestic origin. They have two cultures which are Native American and African American cultures. The official language is English. The have a broader aspects about the literature.

The American follows different religion which is Christian which includes protestant, roman catholic, Mormon, orthodox, Atheist, Jewish, Buddhist, Muslims, and many others. They worship in church. The god you will find as the Jesus Christ who scared life for the poor people. In American you will find the Status of Liberty.

In the American religion you will find people saying thanks. They different holidays which are not according to the US history. The ancient festival which is seen in Samhain that is Halloween. The Catholic tradition which consist of carnival. The American cuisines consists of wheat which the primary cereal. They generally prefer coffee or tea, fast food, Mexican dishes. The common food consists of turkey, dressing, sweet potatoes, and cranberry sauce which a way of giving thanks, Caesar salad, country fried steak and many more.

Sports are the important part of American culture. The oldest of all the sports is baseball and was started in the year 1869. Soccer is the part of there life, 32 team National Football League is the most popular among them. Homecoming is the annual tradition of United States. There are very fond of advancement in the field of technology and innovation. The Silicon Valley is an example. The NASA research centre is the most popular among the world. It is famous for the nuclear space; scientific advancement is still the number one in position.

The Mount Rushmore National Memorial is 18m high relief of the four presidents made up of granite. This people have popularized in the field of music, movies and sports the most popular one is the Disney land which has Mickey mouse, Donald duck etc. the family traditions consists of citizenship, holiday celebration, craftsmanship, entrepreneurship, competition, leadership and positive attitude.

The vastness of this culture is within the walls of there premises and people have to do a deep research to know about the factor which are related to the Americans. On the status of liberty you can see written that give me your poor, huddle masses and I will give you doctor, engineer, and others.

There is a great saying on American cities and states: it says

                            “I left my heart in San Francisco

                             High on a hill it calls to me.

                             To be where little cable cars climb half way to the stars,

                             The morning fog may chill the air- I don’t care

                                                     By: Douglas Cross  

“It is not that Englishman can’t feel – it

         Is that he is afraid to feel. He has been

 Taught at his public school that feeling is

         Bad form. He must not express great joy or,

 Sorrow, or even open his mouth too wide

         When he talks- his pipe might fall out if he did. By: E.M.Foster.

We compared the similarities of two country on the basis of there culture and the application which are still being followed but when you see the general implications of the two culture we would rather compare the culture in terms of there communication skill. As the conceptual background we will not every find any traces which gives you a complete picture of how they are linked in the past history.

We would see a distorted form of culture which must be similar in the form of there values and lifestyles. The advancement of technology is seen in these cases. People in India are trying to follow western culture on the basis of which we own a new life when people would rather wouldn’t find any cultural difference between the two.

You may find researches in the fields of many fields like culture, marketing, communication, studies they all reflects the norms of a single culture. But we can surely see the social values which are still stick to one place.

The religion of Christianity is common in both the countries we also follow the same customs as they do. We have same form of churches and the English language is the given form of language which was given by them. These people have ruled Indian for quite a long time and we have many things in common which are still practiced in India and we do love that form of culture.

The constitution of India have some of the traces of there constitution of there country. The new area where research is being conducted is cross cultural advertising, the analysis is based on the content and the insights, the similarities in the strategies and expression. The cultural values, norms and manifested in various in these two countries. The concepts is vast and comparing few things in general would not give a good pace of work so we should have a deep knowledge about the two countries and the cultural background and history which the must.  

India is a country with a diverse religion and people from different places visit India to learn about the vastness of its culture, the beauty of its temple and the necessary forms of dances which are being practiced still in the country from the decades. Culture is one of the oldest forms of expression the vast its research and the vastness is still be looked forward.

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