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The movie Amistad is focused on the issues of slavery and physiological roots of slavery that prevailed in the American countries until the nineteenth century.

The movie is a masterpiece of Stephen Spielberg’s that provides a learning experience for the viewers. Amistad, is a  product of DreamWorks Pictures and HBO Pictures, and is based loosely on some events that began in the Caribbean in 1839, when some 50 African slaves seized the Spanish schooner Amistad but failingly they were been captured by the American navy who put them in custody. The movie liberally incorporates imaginary happenings, invented dialogue, a principal character that never existed, fake speeches, and grossly distorted depictions of historical persons, circumstances and events. It even has a fantastic scene in which, for dramatic effect, one of the Africans appears in the Supreme Court while Adams is arguing his case.

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The movie is synthesized for the purpose of entertainment. Though the main focus of the movie was on the elements of slavery and physiological roots of slavery, the movie contains contents inappropriate for viewing especially for students. Critics like Medved remarked the movie to be 'recklessly dishonest 'education agenda for the purpose of making money.

The movie makers incorporated the idea of providing free 'film study guide and learning kit' designed to integrate the lessons of this landmark film into class plans pretending to make a contribution to the education process.

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