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Drugs are substances that when ingested, interferes with the physiological processes in the body. Drugs are abused when used for purposes other than what they are meant for. Drug abuse also refers to the illegitimate consumption of drugs which causes harm to oneself or other people. Today, there are different types of drugs abused in the world, some are legal while others are not. Drugs can either be prescribed, illicit or designer drugs. In most cases, prescribed and illegal drugs are usually made of the same compounds, only their concentration varies (Boss 387). Examples of prescription drugs include antidepressants, which help to manage most of the mood and behavioral disorders in animals as well as the in the human body.

Illegal drugs are categorized into narcotics, which include very addictive substances such as heroin, cocaine, and morphine. Cannabis is yet another type of illicit drug which is also called marijuana. Inhalants, steroids and stimulants are other categories of illicit drugs. Examples of stimulants include tobacco, which contains nicotine. Stimulants help to increase activity of the central nervous system. This type of classification is based on the level of addictiveness of a drug (Boss 422). This has resulted to prohibition of highly addictive drugs such as cocaine, not only in the United States, but also in most countries in the world.

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Disease and Choice Models

Drug addiction can be described using a number of models. The most common ones are disease and choice models of drug addiction. Disease model suggests that addiction occurs progressively through successive stages. It is also a long-term state that has no cure but can be managed. This concept suggests that abstinence is the only possible option of avoiding addiction (Sue, Sue and Sue 250). On the other hand, the choice model suggests that addiction is a behavioral disorder involving people who are sane and fully aware of the choices they make in consumption of a particular drug. During formative stages of addiction, the person will try to hide from getting exposed to those who are close to him such as the family members and friends. This is an indication that these individuals voluntarily choose to develop their habits even when they are aware of their harmfulness (Sue, Sue and Sue 250). However, more research is yet to be done to establish the reason why a person can willingly choose to engage in self-destructive activities. Therefore, disease addiction model will be preferred.


Marijuana should be legalized. There are so many reasons that support legalization of this drug. Firstly, people are justified to exercise their constitutional right to do what is right without infringing on other people’s rights. Therefore, they ought to choose on whether they want marijuana or not. The authorities should only regulate and not prevent the citizens from doing what they want provided they do not jeopardize other people’s lives. Another reason why marijuana should be legalized is because of the high cost of maintaining it illegal. These resources could be directed to more productive activities (Sue, Sue and Sue 260). Thirdly, the authorities have always failed in prohibiting usage of marijuana because people still abuse it anyway. Therefore, better strategies should be adopted, for instance enlightening the public on the advantages and disadvantages of the drug.

As a matter of fact, marijuana and the hemp plant are valuable in a number of ways. The drug has some medicinal value especially in relieving nausea and for patients with AIDs. There are some communities that use marijuana for religious obligations (Sue, Sue and Sue, 259). The constitution of the United States grants citizens the freedom of worship and therefore, marijuana should be legalized in support of these communities.


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Human sexuality is defined as the manner in which individuals practice and display their sexual preferences. The natural morality on sexuality can be used to refer to the ‘common sense’ or what is morally obvious. This is in line with all other natural laws which hold that the basic principles of moral way of thinking are obvious, and known by everyone. For instance, it is commonly known that committing adultery is morally unacceptable. Also, incest, homosexuality, lesbianism, rape, zoophilia are some of the acts, which contravene the natural law on sexuality. The basic principle of natural law is to do what is acceptable and desist from what is evil. Humans are naturally made with a conscience which tells them whether an act is acceptable or not (Smith). However, the conventional way of life has made people to live without any reference to these natural laws. Instead, people are driven by their passion to do whatever they wish. This is an idea that has led to the modern societies and authorities to legalize same-sex marriages.

There are a number of flaws that exist in this concept of natural morality. First of all, man has been able to alter the environment to suit his desires. Consequently, everything that man does; provided it does not violate other people’s rights, is taken as morally-acceptable. This idea has even been used to justify rape cases (Smith). Naturally, man has always had sex with the woman he chooses. Therefore he is justified to force a woman to have sex with him anytime he wants because it is just natural to do so. On the issue of same sex marriages, the argument narrows down to whether there is any infringement of other people’s rights (Boss 492). The bottom line is that, since the two individuals are in a consensus, they are justified to carry out such acts.

Marriage equality

When the president of the United Sates signed the act which allows for same-sex marriages, there was a mixture of feelings from organizations and people with different cultural and religious backgrounds. According to the Christian religion, marriage is an institution that should only exist between man and a woman. Therefore, most of the faithful in the Christian religion were not happy with the move. However, the larger populace was happy and counted the move as an achievement and progress in morality in the modern society. Even though most of the people support the idea of marriage equality, the fundamental principles of morality and sexuality disagree with it. Advocating for same-sex marriage is a clear indication of how morals in the society have been eroded such that even the institutions that ought to set standards for measuring and distinguishing right from wrong can longer be trusted.

Date rape

Date rape is forced sex which happens between two individuals who know each other well. As a matter of fact, most of the rape cases do not happen between strangers but those people who are either relatives, work-mates, friends and even spouses. Even if two individuals have been intimate before, they are supposed to respect each other and not coerce the other into sex.

Currently, there are very many cases of date rape mainly due to the structure of the social systems. In most communities, man is the dominant figure, which gives him an advantage over the women. Also, there is the argument ‘women get what they deserve’ because of their provocative manner of dressing. Wearing certain clothes in some places can be interpreted for seduction. Therefore, it is important to wear decently especially for women, to avoid sending the wrong message to those around you. In addition, women are conventionally known to say ‘no’, when they actually mean ‘yes’. This is what makes men to be persistent and even stubborn since they believe that the woman will eventually give in to his demands. It is also important for men to respect the decision made by their sexual partners, female friends and relatives to prevent date rape.

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