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To tell the truth analyzing and comparing two theories described in these articles was a rather hard task. Since both structural anthropology and structuralism in general are theories, which are hard to explain at one time. Moreover, with the development of each theory they have become philosophies, abstract notions that are hard to be given exact definitions.

In the first article, the author tries to express the meaning of structuralism as a whole. He tries to find some elements of structuralism in each branch of science including sociology and psychology. The researcher even gives an example out of Freud and explains the analyzed approach from realist’s points of view, combining Karl Marks’s ideas into another structuralistic system. According to hypothesis, our life is a structure with a huge number of elements, which depend on each other and on their mutual relationship.

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The structuralist view on life can be especially easily explained regarding biology and the way creatures are organized in nature. Every kind of species has its own place in the natural system and all of those are closely connected. They cooperate to survive on the earth, and if the connection between them is interrupted by disappearing or not functioning of one of the species, it leads to a complete imbalance of the whole system. Thus, unbalance of the system results to a so called “critical condition” when the behavior of the system can be unpredictable.

This theory can be used not only in biology and interpersonal relationships in small or big groups. It also refers to international relations, if to regard them as a system of countries which serve as living organisms. This is the point of structuralism: concerning everything like a system, and this way predicting how it is supposed to act and react. Such analytical method is often used by specialists who make strategies and reports on how a certain establishment, organization or society is going to react on a certain event.

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If to look attentively at the theory of structural anthropology, it will turn out to be a completely different story to you. It takes society and its individuals as a foundation for the whole philosophic functioning of the world. It shows how people are dependent on the whole character of the society, and how the last one can function as an organism and influence the development of nations and cultures.

In fact, this strategy has a very good idea of taking an individual as the only source of instability and unpredictability. The technical system has nothing to think about in the psychological sense. Nevertheless, the human psychology is a bottomless lake, and you can never be 100% sure of how it will behave or react. There are only guesses, which sometimes turn to be the opposite of what really happens. That is why there is always at least a small percent of unproductiveness in a system, which includes human brain. The second theory pays more attention to the psychological aspect of connection between parts of the system and its components.

If to compare both theories, you can find either similarities or differences. The main difference between structural anthropology and structuralism is that the latter emphasizes on the connection amidst elements and the former is more specific, emphasizing on the social aspect of life. The second hypothesis can also be used in various branches of science, and the first one can only be practiced in the humanitarian sphere. However, both theories view the life as a system or a structure which includes elements and connection between them.

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