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A truly exceptional art of Portuguese Architecture, the Batalha Monastery was built in 1385 after a major victory by the Portuguese military on Thanksgiving Day. King Joao of Portugal promised that if his army which was outnumbered defeats the Spanish army, he would build a magnificent Monastery. After his army won the king built the Batalha Monastery. The king gave the Batalha Monastery to the Dominicans who constructed it with the styles of the Gothic over the next couple of centuries.

UNESCO added this monastery to its Heritage list in 1983 as it remembers a very essential even in history.

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The west side is filled with stonework with gothic windows all around. There are spectacular lights which illuminates at night. The founders Chapel is towards the right side of the church. At the doors are statues of the Apostles with each one having a different appearance. The top side of the Monastery has a glass window according to the Gothic architecture in Portugal. The monastery is very spacious and gives a very good view of the apse.

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In pure Gothic style, the three passageways have tall perpendicular lines. The windows of the monastery are of outstanding loveliness. The chancel windows have the Adoration of the Magi, the Resurrection, the Visitation and Flight into Egypt. On the right side of the entrance is the Founders Chapel which was completed in 1434 by Master Huguet who was an English architect. The eight sided building is light up with huge glass windows which are than topped with a delicate vault.

The tombs of the Portuguese King (King Joao) and his queen (Philippa) are inside the monastery. The beautiful Royal Cloister was established when King Joao was ruling Portugal. It also has a 19 meter long Chapter house which has a Gothic vault which has no supports.

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