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The article under consideration is of paramount importance for the psychologists all over the world as it touches upon such significant issues as “behavioral/emotional problems, suicidality, and habitual substance” as well as their connection with morningness and eveningness. The value of the article is based on its uniqueness as there is a small amount of works which comprise this topic. Furthermore, the results of the research performed by the authors make a considerable contribution to psychology.

In accordance with the conducted study, those groups of people who have to work in the evening are more likely to have some troubles with sleeping, for instance, they tend to wake up in midnight or to wake up too early. What is more, eveningness can become a prerequisite for a person to use such substances as liquor, tobacco, wine, and betel wine more frequent than the others. Those people who study or work in the morning have such problems much more rarely than those who belong to intermediate and evening groups. Moreover, these people are less aggressive in their everyday life; they are also more attentive than the others at work or school.

The study demonstrated that the members of all groups were likely to have some sleep compensation at weekends although the evening groups used to sleep quite longer than the morning and the intermediate groups. This is the reason why it is evident that eveningness-morningness has an enormous impact on the person’s sleep. In spite of this, such factors as gender, level of education, and marital status do not have any impact on the sleep problems, suicidal tendency, and use of substances.

In conclusion, it is noteworthy to admit that the authors of the article have revealed an abundance of new facts which can be useful for psychologists in their work whereas further researches in this branch of science can provide the patients an opportunity to overcome any psychological problems connected to sleep disorders, suicidality, and alcohol consumption.

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