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Nowadays there are many career options for those, who are working or planning to work in the educational field. Teachers play an important role in the society, because on the way students are trained in schools, colleges and universities depends what they will be in the future. Today`s world brings new challenges, that is why it is important for teachers to be ready for these challenges. On the other hand, new technology and modern vision of life bring more opportunities than ever before. This makes sense when one is thinking about the career of a teacher.

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A new information age requires more sophisticated approaches, skills and methods in teaching. In order to be able to collect, distribute, exchange and process these abilities, teachers are supposed to be ready for this (Gray, 12). The research reported that teachers are required to rethink the educational system and find out their own ways to improve it by their daily work. In order to prepare students for future life and work, teachers must understand how to do that. The modern world is very complicated and diverse with a lot of opportunities and challenges. Thus, it is important for teachers to know how to cope with them. It is obvious that in the future a new system will look at teaching differently. This new system is supposed to recognize a diversity of viewpoints, broaden students` mind, vision and creativity. It is not the right way to teach only facts. It is important for a teacher to learn their students to analyze, compare, discover and understand the world. That is what the future requires from every individual if he tends to feel comfortable in the modern world. It would be worth to base the process of teaching on different new methods that will help students to solve problems, make decisions and overcome difficulties.

Therefore, every teacher should be creative in his work, if he wants to be successful and make his own contribution in the education.

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