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Parks are known to provide a serene environment for families during outings. The recreational facilities in the parks enable children and parents to have fun during family time. Trees in the parks form perfect venues for picnics. Lifetime memories can be gained from such visits and activities. In addition, children learn a lot while being outdoors. In the past, local parks were like children’s paradise for having fun and playing. This has changed since then. Attending local parks during family outings has drastically reduced in the recent past. Parents no longer take their children to local parks to swim, fish, ride and paddle boats.

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Even the number of grown-up children who in the past used to hike, walk or run in the arboretum no longer visit the parks. This is happening notwithstanding the low costs of visiting local parks. The decrease in the number of people visiting the local parks is attributed to aging parks and dilapidated and outdated recreational equipment. The local authorities seem to have neglected the parks and most trees which used to provide shade for picnics are being destroyed by EAB infestation.

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As a consequence, families have resorted to spending their family outings in noisy malls or restaurants, as opposed to parks that used to offer a serene environment for relaxation and fun. To redeem the glory of the local parks, more funding needs to be channeled into their rehabilitation and maintenance. Trees that are not yet infested by EAB should be sprayed with pesticides to prevent decimation. The tree board and foundation should also intervene through holding a fundraising campaign to raise funds for saving the trees in the local parks. These interventions will result in an increased number of visitors to the parks and increase earnings for local authorities.

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