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Free Example of Christmas Tree Essay

There is no doubt that the Christmas season all over the world is marked with color and pomp. It is an annual commemoration of the birth of Jesus Christ, the founder of Christianity. In order to make the season a colorful one, people usually buy Christmas trees. These are natural or artificial trees that are manufactured and sold in a bid to help people enjoy the festive season. This write is a persuasive essay on why customers should buy the Christmas tree.

There are many benefits of a Christmas tree. One of them is that it makes the season colorful. This is because there are good colors as well as lights. With regard to color, the red color associated with the tree show appreciation for whoever the client buys the tree for. This may include family or friends. In addition, Christmas trees are designed to fit the financial needs of each individual. They range from as little as $2 to $100.   Other than the cost, the trees give a sense of prestige. Furthermore, they are durable and thus can be used for other occasions during the following year. These include, for Instance, Easter holidays among others.

In conclusion, a Christmas tree is a very unique product that each client should buy towards the end of the year. The product’s meaning is usually tied to the meaning of Christmas. Being the birth of Christ, there is a need to make sure that one celebrates it in the best way. One should buy then because they are designed to fit each person’s financial needs, are durable, prestigious, shows appreciation and are literally colorful.

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