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The essay focuses on external forces and internal forces an organization with strategic goals can encounter in this dynamic and competitive medical care environment. It gives insight into strengths, weaknesses opportunities and threats that can pose challenge to implementation of these strategic goals.

SWOT analysis has been used effectively in health care organizations and government agencies to identify positive forces in the work environment as well as potential problems that need to be checked urgently Fredrickson, B. L. (2000). It can be an effective tool of identifying strengths and weaknesses which emanates from external environment and examining the opportunities and threats which are internally related to the organization. SWOT stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

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To ensure that the organization remains a viable competitor enough, implementing a system that store the record of the clientís information would be key and also an important tool for competitive advantage to our organization. The organization major strategic plan is to focus away from inpatient care to ambulatory care. This is important as it enhance good service and urgent response to mitigate cases of patient losing their lives on the way to hospital. Also focusing on cost centre rather than profit centre will enable the management to carry out a cost benefit analysis, and establish profit margin easily.

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Although the medical centre has been competitive enough, in terms of service delivery, there are areas that need immediate attention. In assessment of the organizational goals, it has been found that the hospital information system was inefficient to support the new laid goals. For example the new system did not fully capture patient care records often or keep track record of resource consumption in the hospital. This data is very important as it make the health centre to be a competitive player in the medical care environment. The current transaction based system also supported the profit centre strategy with focus on financial system.


With organization changing from fee to service environment, focusing on ambulatory services, there is likelihood of improved services attracting highly talented staff team and becoming an organization to reckon with. Adopting an information system in the hospital, will ensure the patient care details are retrievable and also the management will be able to track how the hospital resources are used optimally.


Seasonality is another factor that faces the medical centre whereby the number of patientís turnout is quite low hence lowering the operation and maintenance of the centre. There is an also decreased reimbursed health insurance payment, rapidly changing medical technologies and threats of strike by nurses.†

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