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Christian and Muslim Rituals

They both believe in prayers, the Christians pray to God through Jesus Christ while the Muslims do pray to Allah and Muhammad is his last Prophet and they pray 5 times a day, the Christians, unlike the Muslims, do pray at any time of the day at any place. Although both Christians and Muslims fast by denying themselves food, sex, and drinks, for Muslims it has to strictly occur in the month of Ramadan based on the lunar cycle and hence its does change depending on the calendar. The story of pilgrimage is not in Christianity but for Muslims, they make the spiritual journey to Saudi Arabia’s holy city of Mecca and spend days in the devotion of God and ask for forgiveness as well as performing specific rituals like Kaaba.

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Both Christianity and Islam do insist on being pure but unlike the Christians, the Muslims have to wash their feet, head, arms and hands hence they have to maintain high levels of hygiene. In the old testaments, Christians used to offer animal sacrifices to God at the altar, the Muslims have the faith that God is the provider of all things including the animals and hence they have to mention the name of God before the animal is killed (Gaudet J., Mills R., and Ali M).


Christianity and Islam are the most common religions in the present world. While they both believe in the existence of God as the creator of the universe, they have different beliefs in eschatology and perform different rites and rituals according to their beliefs. Although they both believe that one day there will be the end of the world and the body will resurrect after death, they differ on how the end will come. They also perform certain rituals which are almost the same but differ in content and sometimes on the purpose of the rituals but all in all, the believes point to a common result in their beliefs; the existence of God.

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