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Though the blacks were very instrumental in the reconstruction of the country after the civil war, the expected benefits after the war were never realized. The blacks expected equal opportunities to be created for them i.e. improved health care services, education, civil rights. They expected there would be removal of all social-economic and political disparities and create equal chances for all. This essay tends to argue that though the Africans were instrumental in the reconstruction process they themselves did not realize the benefits of reconstruction and that their struggle for better opportunities and liberty was far from over. "Not only the Negro child but children of all races should read and know of the achievements, accomplishments and deeds of the Negro. World peace and brotherhood are based on a common understanding of the contributions and cultures of all races and creeds”. This quote given by an activist, insisted on the need for all citizens to be appreciated for their role in national building.

Education. Immediately after the war, there was a general increase in the number of schools built for African Americas. For example, in the state of Louisiana the number of school increased from one hundred to one thousand two hundred and thirteen.  However all this did not translate to equal education as the government schools were inadequately funded to buy books, had few teachers and little cash for building. The whites refused to take their children to schools with black children or taught by black teachers and they took their children to private schools that were well equipped and offered quality education. In most government schools majority of the teachers were whites and only a few Africans getting the job. Africans were not freely allowed to join the universities and those who got there were not allowed to take some courses which were reserved for the whites. There were some cases where African-American students were mistreated an example being the use of students of black origin as guinea pigs in a syphilis research without their knowledge nor consent at Tuskegee university. These imbalances were very rampant after 1877. There was an influx of blacks to schools after reconstruction, both kids and adults as they tried to position themselves for better jobs offered in the towns and that required one to be literate. "Here, take this and build your school." Mary M Bethune. She donate money to build a school for the blacks.

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Black legal activities. Immediately after the civil war and during the reconstruction, the first challenge was the legal status of the freed men especially their civil rights and whether they should be allowed to vote. Though equal rights had been given by the law after reconstruction, there were still questions on whether freedmen should be allowed to take political offices and their right for representation. There were suggestions that the blacks be represented, but by the whites from those states. Liberal and ‘radical’ republicans were of the opinion of modernization. This meant free enterprise and integration of the blacks to the nations system to enhance growth and development. Republicans from the north and other conservatives were against the black voting and were in favor of white supremacy. “Mississippi plan”, adopted by many states had introduced literacy and patriotic test to all candidates contesting for senate seats with an aim of locking

In 1874, there was formation of certain organizations with the aim of terrorizing the blacks so that they keep off the polls. These groups had the aim of intimidating black candidates and voters so that they would be less involved in politics.

Blacks were also locked out in serving as jury’s as this job was thought to be exclusively for the whites. Blacks could not be allowed to own fire arms as this was to be a right for the whites alone. Blacks were associated with crime and therefore allowing them to own guns would translate to increased crime..

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